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Submission + - Digital Cameras: Red changes the game

dghcasp writes: It's been an interesting year in the world of digital cameras. Just over a year ago, Canon advanced the SLR megapixel race to 21 MP with its $8k 1Ds Mark III. Around six months ago, a resurgent Nikon brought forth the $1000 D90, a 12 MP full-frame SLR that could shoot 1440x1080 video. Four months ago, Phase One announced a digital medium format back with 65 MP resolution at 1-fps in the $50k+ price range. Just over a month ago, Canon introduced their 5D Mark II a sub-$3,000 full frame camera with 21 MP that shot 1920x1080 video. And today, Red said "Enough with the incremental improvements — let's just get it over with" and finally published information on their upcoming convergence cameras, the Epic and Scarlet [warning: huge JPEG brochure.] Interchangeable sensor backs with resolutions between 4 and 261 MP (not a typo!) Shoot video at up to 120 frames per second and resolution up to 28 MP (that's 14 x Hi Definition.) Full interchangeability between components (think medium format.) And a price for entry (sensor only) of only $2,500.

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