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+ - Unofficial patch extends Windows XP support

Submitted by dfsmith
dfsmith (960400) writes "Many companies, my employer included, have stopped supporting Windows XP starting today. Luckily, a couple of engineers at Microsoft have released simple patch to extend XP support. "Our patch extends March indefinitely. For example, with the patch, today is March 32nd. And we wish you Merry Christmas later this month, on March 300th!", explained Rolf Paoli. Seems like an ingenious way to fix an awkward problem."

Comment: Dell PowerEdge (Score 4, Insightful) 79

by dfsmith (#46606953) Attached to: Used IT Equipment Can Be Worth a Fortune (Video)

Last time I went to Weird Stuff they had a huge stack of 1U, 8GB DRAM Dell servers for about $150 each.

I don't think a "Blue Book" system could ever work:

  • Used IT equipment comes in bursts: imagine thousands of the same model of car in the same color/options all appearing at the dealership at once. Supply is grossly disconnected from demand. Pricing could never equilibriate.
  • Computing power is still growing too fast: yesterday's servers consume too much resource per unit of work/infrastructure to justify using them. Witness the secondary price above—less than 1/20th of the original purchase price, but when networking, rack space, storage and power are included, the capital cost, even if zero, would still likely be too high.

Comment: Re:Creationists (Score 2) 269

by dfsmith (#46509235) Attached to: Big Bang's Smoking Gun Found

The word typically translated "day" or "days" in Genesis is originally "Yowm" (root meaning "hot"). Strong's translates this variously as "period"—it's a very general term that I usually read as "era".

My limited understanding is that most of Jesus' contemporaries believed in an ancient universe. It was Ussher's bestseller that, ahem, fixed that problem.

Concordance here.

Ingenious inventions here.

Comment: Re:Laughably Easy? (Score 1) 374

by dfsmith (#46456409) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Prepare For the Theft of My Android Phone?

One time I (or my kids) misplaced my Nexus 7 behind the bed. I couldn't find it for a few days, so I fired up the Android Device Manager and locked the device (just in case). When I eventually found it, there was no charge on the battery, no lock on the screen, and still no lock when it connected back to Google HQ over WiFi.

(That harrowing paragraph should be expanded into a short Hugo Award story!)

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