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Comment Re:Nobody's even addressing the ethical question - (Score 1) 271 271

Interesting thought, but if there's life on Mars that's not directly related to life on Earth, that means that life is going to be very common in the universe. So, there's no need to treat Mars with any reverence.

Let's hope no aliens came here thinking this way.

Comment Re:Real life equivalents to 3D viewing (Score 1) 281 281

First, no matter how good your is your bicycling/smooth road, I don't think you can experience so little acceleration as standing in your chair. Also you have another natural signs of motion like wind pressure. And the 3D movie "movements" usually are not acceleration free (straight line, constant speed).

Comment Standards, please (Score 1) 845 845

If you replace the screws with Torx because it resist cam-out better than Phillips head, fair enough, I'll by a Torx tool set. Now if you replace them with yet another obscure head just to make life harder for everyone, WTF!!! If you think the device should not be open, place a seal and write to it "warranty void if removed".

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