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Comment: Tablets are good for what they are intended for (Score 1) 627

by dezent (#38272062) Attached to: Using a Tablet As Your Primary Computer
I am a linux/firewall admin, i have tried to use an iPad for this but its just a pain. What it is good for, and i mean really good is as stated in posts before.. media. I use it for watching youtube, checking /. and playing silly games and it is very good for this. I have searched an article like this for admins but there is none because its a pain to use it for anything else than browsing or watching videos.

Comment: OSX = IOS (Score 4, Insightful) 155

by dezent (#38044252) Attached to: Mac OS X Sandbox Security Hole Uncovered
What has not yet been lifted in this thread is that OSX and IOS are starting to look a lot more like each other, or OSX is looking a lot more like IOS since Lion upgrade, i think we will see more and more aspects of the mac being locked in. I am seriously looking at going back to Debian for my desktop.

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