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Comment: Re:And the saga continues.... (Score 1) 298

by deviceb (#44791447) Attached to: NSA Can Spy On Data From Smart Phones, Including Blackberry
There will be no reprisals, just some documents unclassified, media mis-direction (war w/ syria, refugee camp numbers ), the usual..

But, what i still finding unfathomable at this point,.. is that the masses/sheep keeping finding this intel on how all modern communication platforma are engineered w/ built in "monitoring" -this has been the norm from the beginning.

Comment: PC Gameing (Score 1) 563

by deviceb (#40763507) Attached to: Windows 8 Graphics: Microsoft Has Hardware-Accelerated Everything
never mind metro...
how will Battlefield 3 and 4 run on Windows8.
if real performance gains are to be had, this is the first news i have heard of the OS that calls for myself to upgrade. forget business for a moment & lets focus on bleeding edge performance. Things that business & MAC users know nothing of ;)

Comment: speed up dev. on P2PDNS (Score 1) 402

by deviceb (#34586582) Attached to: UN Considering Control of the Internet
Who cares if we break the internet into islands? DNS needs to be a truly distributed system that no 7 people or governments can bend to their will, else we will all end up like China. -Perhaps China was the smartest of all by implementing border-gateway rules long ago? All the so-called free countries our trying to jump on ship! It seems China had more foresight than other countries eh?
I would prefer to switch my DNS scheme and jump to the public internet islands
*facebook is not on my island btw

Comment: Re:Don't do it (Score 1) 384

by deviceb (#33985998) Attached to: Recommendations For Home Virtualization?
I second that.
Photoshop CS5 on 64bit Windows 7 ftw! As stated above, even with hardware acceleration enabled in VMWare, you still will not attain that pure smooth scaling/moving around of large image works. DirectX 9.0c is available but will not run-

VMWare Server is free and will run your VMs like services -auto load, boot order and all that.
WMWare Workstation is the easiest to use many machines at once. drag & drop in and out of VMs.
Virtualbox i prefer if the host OS is linux
ESXi with vSphere is great for servers.. but you will miss your choice OS sitting on the hardware vs the hypervisor..

Comment: Linux is not for main stream users. (Score 1) 1348

by deviceb (#33933296) Attached to: Desktop Linux Is Dead
utility computing is for the sheep.
running compiz on my sabayon DESKTOP here at the office every part of my desktop-wall runs sessions to other windows boxes mainly. Servers, VPN connections to various hospitals that may need support. This setup has proven to be the most effective for a user like myself that has to have a stable/secure platform when supporting tye types of systems i do.
I will never be running a virtualized thin client from some mega company even though most people end up this way. Walk your path, don't cry about it.
And as long as i can build a better box for media @ home, i will continue doing so. is not DX11 coming to linux in the future? Games have always been the crux of linux..

Comment: 3 methods (Score 1) 459

by deviceb (#28768297) Attached to: Delete Data On Netbook If Stolen?
Yes... first go with whole disk encryption. (TrueCrypt)
Then personalize yourself a nice rootkit, hide your copy of PoisonIvy or similar, and keep the keylogger running.
If the thief does not reboot the pc, you will capture any personal information on him before he does. Once the PC reboots, your 20 diget key is in full effect..

Comment: NEVER (Score 1) 202

by deviceb (#28748185) Attached to: Can New Game Control Schemes Hope To Match the PC Keyboard?
from the day i realized that i needed to learn to play doom1 via a keyboard... that was it. Now with my super high-rez mouse, xtra large teflon gaming mouse pad will pwn ANY colsole player. ANY.
All the talk aside, there is no way for a controller you use with your thumb can compare to the length of my arm when it goes to precise movments. Any real gamer understands all this,... it's only the console wankerz who because they never learned, do not understand. I do not want a better replacement.. i have refinded my keyboard skills over the last 20 years.. nothing can substitute.

Comment: Re:Self destruc button (Score 0) 232

by deviceb (#28410621) Attached to: Best Handset For Freedom?
then we need the full encryption
i like the open router idea to bounce the traffic around.
Shortrange radio support
a method to create or control voluntary botnets
video & audio live streaming
a map based system for calling out roadblocks, embasies, hospitals.. routes to them... targets.
thats a start... sounds like a laptop

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".