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An anonymous reader writes "In Michigan, Senate Bill 636 will remove any remaining requirements of AT&T and Verizon to lease lines to other providers, effectively killing all competing phone and internet providers, including wireless providers, which rely on leasing any connectivity from AT&T or Verizon. Readers should not be fooled by the title of the bill into thinking it only applies to a hard-wired phone line coming into their home or office. What the consumer calls a landline differs greatly from what the law calls a landline."
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by detritus. (#44914661) Attached to: Wi-Fi Sniffing Lets Researchers Build Graph of Offline Social Networks

Irrespective of whether Google should be liable for legal damages, there's a big distinction between logging 802.11 proble requests with a source MAC address and actual content of communications between two entities. The issue for Google was specifically logging unencrypted data as it channel hopped and dumped the traffic into presumably pcap files. I think it's a question of the scope of what you're logging.

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by detritus. (#43364287) Attached to: New CFAA Could Subject Teens To Jail For Reading Online News

Minors don't have 1st Amendment rights. The courts have settled this long ago.

That's nonsense. Yes they do and it was never "settled long ago." See video game bans, library book bans, black armband bans, etc. all upheld by SCOTUS. Free speech and the right to seek information is free speech. COPPA only exists because it hasn't been ruled on by the courts.

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by detritus. (#43286195) Attached to: Brain Scans Predict Which Criminals Are More Likely To Re-offend

> When you have 95% of the country always voting for their team, based on the assertion that the other team is wrong, nothing changes.

The keyword here is country. These groups need to be cut down to size. We called them states, counties and towns once. More diversity via localized government means a lot more living options with different standards.

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by detritus. (#43284737) Attached to: Brain Scans Predict Which Criminals Are More Likely To Re-offend

> We have the power, it's just that when half of Americans vote for people promising to bring the government to the knees, you don't wind up with the best or the brightest being elected.

Or half the people hopelessly defending a corrupted system of horizontal of checks and balances government has the capabilities to heal themselves. The only solution to that is the vertical check: nullifying government when necessary.

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