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Comment: Re:Get on my level (Score 1) 112

by hairyfeet (#48684421) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

Got a buddy that works for the city with strict orders to bring me any clacky boards that pass through, be surprised how many businesses go to get a new PC and toss their clacky. Oh well, more for me ;-)

Ditto on the IBM, great boards, but don't knock the first Compaq and MSFT boards as they were also built like fricking tanks and took insane amounts of abuse. I tried using modern non claky keyboards at the shop...blech. Can't never tell when its registered a stroke or not,all the letters wore off in not time flat, the new boards just suck. So tomorrow I gotta drag out the desk and plug into the KVM this big old Compaq, so old its got the old style monster DIN plug but I got an adapter or five sitting in the desk drawer, much better than the new crap!

Comment: Re:There's no such thing as a free lunch (Score 1) 112

by hairyfeet (#48683721) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

Considering more than 80% of the "content" seems to be on the intellectual level of "How many inches has Kim Kardashian's ass grown today?" ask me how many fucks I would give if all this "content" were to dry up and blow away along with the malware ridden shitstains they call ads which I have to clean up after when they trash my beautiful creations....answer? ZERO, absolute zero fucks would I give.

The simple fact is you get rid of ads and POOF! Malware be gone, in fact I can't even remember the last malware infection I cleaned that didn't come from somebody that didn't know about adblocking. And wadda ya know I block the ads and tada! They only need to come for me for upgrades....ahhh, you smell that? That is the smell of smugness as I do my little part to help slowly strangle the rotten to the core industry known as Internet advertising. It smells like happiness and cookies!

Comment: Re:Get your drunk on... (Score 4, Interesting) 235

by anagama (#48683247) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices

Two things, compared to the cost of a DUI, a cab fare is a total bargain.

Secondly, if cabs are generally perceived as too expensive, then there is a market for some kind of private van service that makes runs from the area with the bars. Load 10 drunks into a passenger van, get their addresses, let a computer pick the most efficient route, and charge each of them half the cab fare. If the usual cab fare was $30, that would be $150 and if you can make the round trip in an hour, and do a couple trips per Fri/Sat. night, it could be a decent sort of mid-low-income job. Better than McDs at least. There are plenty of people for whom $6-800/wk would be a good income.

Anyway, part of the problem with DUI in America, is that (aside from some very few exceptions) there is no other way to get home except by private vehicle. Even towns with busses usually shut those down before the bars let out.

Comment: Re:Culture and information matter. (Score 1) 242

by Jane Q. Public (#48682541) Attached to: The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea
A swing and a miss? More like knocking himself out with the follow-through.

Anybody who honestly thinks Libertarians are tools of the Right is too ignorant to be dangerous.

And anyone who thinks Ted Cruz is a Libertarian could probably learn a lot from a school of those trout.

Comment: Re:I automatically disbelieved this post (Score 3, Funny) 112

by PopeRatzo (#48681399) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

Of course, I have my own opinions but I won't share them because they reflect my own biases.

That may be the single stupidest sentence in the history of stupid sentences on the Internet.

You won't share what you think because it's what you think. Everything you see and think and say and do reflects your own biases. If you decide not to share a single bit of data that is floating around in your head if it happens to reflect your biases, that means you will spend the rest of your life mute, which come to think of it might be best for everyone.

I've just re-read your entire comment and it doesn't seem to say anything at all about anything. Are you a Markov bot? If so, your maker forgot to put in the AI.

Comment: Re:There's no such thing as a free lunch (Score 1) 112

by PopeRatzo (#48681365) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

One way or another, you pay for your free Internet services.

It's not "one way or another". It's ONE WAY.

Where do I sign up to pay for Google and Twitter and other internet services directly instead of via my private data? I've been to Google thousands of times, and I've never seen a "subscribe" button.

No, there is no "one way or another". You can ONLY pay for your internet services by letting companies upskirt your private communications and personal data. That gives you some idea of just how valuable your private data really is.

Comment: Re:Google's acquisition of Android Inc. Q.E.D. (Score 1) 86

by hairyfeet (#48679159) Attached to: Comcast-TWC Merger Review On Hold

Yeah and if you buy that bullshit? Got a bridge you might be interested in. My dad's business was right in the middle of their new "fiber rollout" and after the replacement? It WENT TO SHIT with his speed DROPPING from a high of 6mbps to 1.4mbps after! What did they offer to remedy this? If you said cellular broadband we have a winnar Johnny!

Don't buy the BS man, the SECOND the old POTS is gone you'll find everybody not in a cherry picked area watching their speed drop and being offer the "chance to upgrade" to assrapey cellular. Don't say "its a fluke" either because I've had to switch 3 customers network setups to cable so far in 2 different towns, same story. AT&T before "fiber" rollout? Decent speed. After? Welcome to shitstain. And guess what all 3 were offered as a "solution"? Yep, A big old assrape with a whole 3GB per month for the same price they were paying for DSL unlimited before. For old Ma Bell its great, no more regs like on landline, fuck 'em by the MB, and their answer to everybody who dares bitch? "You are too far from the hub to benefit from fiber" even if the DSLAM can be hit with a pellet gun from where you are standing!

Comment: Re: Let's just cover the earth with nuclear react (Score 1) 53

by dbIII (#48679091) Attached to: South Korea Says Nuclear Reactors Safe After Cyberattacks
Hmm, three of my posts on different stories all modded down within minutes, including this one on a relatively old story well past the date when most readers have moved on. It appears that I've annoyed someone who is very petty and has decided to list my comments then downmod them. Is that person going to be a childish coward or own up?

Comment: Re: This is why .... (Score 2) 113

by dbIII (#48679083) Attached to: NSA Reveals More Than a Decade of Improper Surveillance

Snowden turned both whistle blower and traitor.

I mostly agree with you, but I don't see how giving information to American journalists could be considered treason. The rest of the world did not hear it direct from Snowden. We've been manipulated into thinking he's a traitor when he was really the enemy of powerful bureaucrats instead of the USA.

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