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Comment: Re:imprisoned indefinitely without trial (Score 4, Informative) 805

by destuxor (#41475581) Attached to: US Military Designates Julian Assange an "Enemy of State"
Countries here in Asia aren't as allied to China as you might think. Here's my personal opinion:
Strong USA Allies: Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea
Strong PRC Allies: Mongolia, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea
Loose or tense relationship to both PRC and USA: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei, Bangladesh, Papau New Guinea
Instead of taking an anti-China strategy, we need to do everything we need to do to woo India and Indonesia - the second and fourth largest countries in the world.
India is easy - they're practically British already, and our mutual business ties provide an easy inroad to strategic partnerships.
Indonesia? We have a sitting President who speaks Bahasa. Indonesia is the next sleeping giant and we squandered our opportunity to win Jakarta.

Comment: Re:Wow. (Score 1) 233

by destuxor (#31842644) Attached to: NSA Develops USB Storage Device Detector I used a previous version of this application I found on DISA's website. It was a simple .NET application that apparently pulled information from the registry of a remote workstation using WMI. If you're slick on Windows and Visual Studio you could have it implemented in a day.
The older application wrongly assumed that a number that Windows assigns each unique USB device was your serial number. Maybe that number is a USB-particular serial number - don't know, don't care. The application reported these long, worthless numbers as device serial numbers that didn't match the number printed on the back of an iPod you personally confiscated minutes ago.
Scanning is good, scanning is fun - but it doesn't give the warm fuzzy of a NIDS/HIDS sending alerts to your pager when you're trying to sleep...

Comment: Re:Too easy to circumvent (Score 1) 233

by destuxor (#31842600) Attached to: NSA Develops USB Storage Device Detector

Machines with classified information are not connected to any network containing unclassified machines, and definitely not the internet.

About that...

...the spy can be easily identified.

About that...

USB drives are the most likely way to get info off a classified machine, which is precisely why they're forbidden.

About that...

Comment: Re:Taser Use (Score 1) 334

by destuxor (#29391449) Attached to: A Tour of Taser HQ
Less-lethal weapons can actually be more effective than real guns in some ways.
Many Soldiers and Policemen have found that many suspects will flee when a gun is pointed at them. They know that shooting an unarmed suspect is typically unlawful. Of course, not all Soldiers/Policemen follow their Rules of Engagement (ROE) perfectly, but nonetheless making a run for it just might pay off in the short term.
Tasers return the psychological advantage to the warfighter by giving the suspect/enemy assurance that lawful force will be used if the suspect/enemy does not comply with all lawful orders by said warfighter.
Not saying it's a perfect world, not pretending technology is a panacea, but in the gray area a non-lethal weapon can be the least of many evils.

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