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Comment: Here's an awesome idea - (Score 0) 211

by destruk (#43264227) Attached to: 9th Circuit Affirms IsoHunt Decision; No DMCA Safe Harbor
Why not ban every copyrighted work name from the internet itself? That way not only can you not find anything to download that is illegal, you also wouldn't be able to find anything for sale or profit that was legal to buy. That's the ultimate solution. And then you could only buy a movie from WalMart after searching disc by disc through the 'for sale movie bin' for what you wanted.

Comment: Re:How long until the PS4 is irrelevant? (Score 0) 587

by destruk (#42962861) Attached to: Sony Announces the PS4
You would need a 16Ghz pc to emulate a 2Ghz console like the PS4, so since we are still stuck at supercharged/super overclocked at 8Ghz, it can't happen yet. We can't even emulate a PS3 or XBox or XBox360 yet. (no, Halo for Xbox - the only thing emulated on that console - doesn't count). So I highly doubt they are concerned about emulating their PS4. Besides, they need games available for it and they need the hardware to be sold - which won't happen til around Christmas so you are jumping every gun here now.

Comment: Re:It's not all about power....differentiators are (Score 0) 587

by destruk (#42962699) Attached to: Sony Announces the PS4
rice. It will probably cost $500. A similarly equipped Windows PC would be $1,000+ Ease of use. No viruses. No configuring software and hardware. Guaranteed game performance. Long life. 7+ yrs of life cycle with no upgrades to play all games. -end of quote- er...I wouldn't count my chickens til they hatch. With the constant internet facebook integration, X86 processor, hard drive - what more do you need to create a virus for it? And don't forget sony's famous 'hacks of customer account information for millions of users' and denial of service attacks in the recent past. Guaranteed game performance is also an issue - the videos they showed even during the unveiling today showed extreme framerate lagging during play as well as choppy and shaky cam techniques. I have games on the PS2 that frequently crash, lock up, and kill the system and I'd expect no less on a PS3 or PS4 either. The drive lasers wear out before 7 years I can guarantee that, and most hard drives have a 5-7 year warranty so your claim is unfounded unless it comes with a 7 year (instead of standard 1-year Sony warranty). How do you know there will be no upgrades? Ever heard of Downloadable content? The Wii U even had a day 1 4GB download patch that filled half of the stock hard drive space (mandatory). I'd say you're ignoring the reality of the situation. And this PS4 won't even be available for actual SALE until November 2013 so you have a long wait to get your hands on one even if you wanted it. By Christmas this year, DDR4 will be available for the mainstream consumer, so already on launch day this PS4 will be obsolete and surpassed by the XBox720. Microsoft is smart and is holding off as long as possible to take the largest market share they can.

Comment: Perhaps if they did this -- (Score 0) 564

by destruk (#42881185) Attached to: On the end of USPS 1st Class Saturday delivery:
Perhaps if the USPS didn't pay their employees an opening minimum wage of $19/hr (three times more than their 'competitors who make profit', with full lifetime benefits worthy of the President, and maybe if they didn't charge 1/20th what any other delivery service charges, then they would be able to stay in business with saturday deliveries...

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