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Comment: Re:three words, one hyphen: (Score 1) 549

by destiny71 (#41786821) Attached to: Why Can't Industry Design an Affordable Hearing Aid?

'fraid not.

You ever see an insurance plan that covers hearing aides?

I need a pair, and looked into it. When I brought up insurance coverage, the doctor basically laughed, and said 'We'll see of yours has hearing aide coverage, but I doubt it.' Sure enough, nope. Since then, I've talked to many others, and found no one with hearing aide coverage.

And a sub $1000 one from Amazon does not provide enough power for my level of hearing loss in one ear. Classified as 'profound' Just upping the power would result in feedback. The expensive ones have programmable digital processors that amplify different levels at different frequencies. Cheap ones have nothing like that, just a mic, amp, and speaker.

Comment: Re:twisted pair, twisted logic (Score 1) 497

by destiny71 (#40745333) Attached to: Who Really Invented the Internet?

The government collected money from the businesses, successful or not, to build the infrastructure.

Without businesses paying property taxes, sales taxes, business license fees, etc, the government would not have been able to build those streets.

Sometimes, it's not even the government that pays for, or even builds. When moving a small business across town to a larger location, the city required us to pay for a contractor to build a sidewalk in front of our building.

Comment: Re:tradeoffs (Score 1) 367

by destiny71 (#36401594) Attached to: Los Angeles To Turn Off Traffic-Light Cameras

The read-end collisions occur because 2 drivers decide to run a red light, but at the last minute one notices the red light camera and slams on their brakes to avoid a ticket, and the 2nd can't stop in time. 2 people set out to break the law, so, 2 people got in an accident.

If both drivers were driving safely, they would have slowed down at the yellow, and stopped because they clearly had no time to make it through.

Those same 2 drivers will eventually be involved in more serious accidents at another time, based on their unsafe driving that led to the rear-end collision.

Comment: RMA'd a HDD to Maxtor... (Score 1) 218

by destiny71 (#35594936) Attached to: Man Finds Divorce Papers, Tax Docs On "New" Laptop

Back when I was working at a computer shop, a customer brought in a PC they had bought elsewhere, and the hard drive failed. The drive was still under warranty, so, I took care of everything, returned the drive to Maxtor for a replacement.

After receiving a new hard drive, I placed it into the PC, and turned it on. I forgot the Windows install CD, and expecting a boot error, I was quite surprised to find the PC booting into Win2K. Found lots of sales documents, other business related documents for a Ford car lot.

Maxtor says 'Sorry, just reformat the drive, and it's got a full warranty as if it were new' I was informed that warranty returns are tested, and if they don't find them bad, they're sent back out, only this one missed the format step.

Comment: Re:Personally... (Score 2) 558

by destiny71 (#34588958) Attached to: Judge Declares Mistrial Because of Wikipedia
So how would you handle a situation in which this juror, or any juror had looked up the exact same wiki page previous to becoming a juror? With no knowledge of becoming a juror on this case, but just because they were curious about something for any sort of reason. They would still know all the same information, biased or not, true or not, but they didn't get it while seated on the jury.

Comment: Re:You could not be more wrong. (Score 1) 366

by destiny71 (#29715299) Attached to: Warez Moving From BitTorrent to Conventional Hosting Services

I recently moved, and had a few weeks of missed TV watching. I missed 3 weeks of all my shows, starting with all the season premieres.

Within 24 hours, I got every missed episode, of every show downloaded. Plus several high quality DVD rips of movies not yet available on retail DVD.

I don't use hosting services such as RapidShare. I use bittorrent.

Dare accepted, and completed. Your move.

Comment: Re:Starting? (Score 5, Interesting) 272

by destiny71 (#27969683) Attached to: ASCAP Starts To Act Like the RIAA

Not playing covers songs isn't enough for them.

ASCAP in effect shut down a local venue because they had no way to pay the exceptionally high fees they wanted in order to allow live music to be played.

They catered to local, younger musicians playing ORIGINAL music. At first, they let them go because they were playing original music. Then, they came back and said they had to pay the fees.

Why? because someone warming up, tuning up, or whatever may play a few notes that someone else wrote.

This place was for a younger audience, so no alcohol sales. Cover charges were just to keep the place open. They had to close down.

Comment: Maxtor refurb with previous owner data (Score 1) 184

by destiny71 (#24761211) Attached to: Computer With UK Bank Customer Data Sold On eBay

When I worked for a computer repair shop many years ago, we had a customer bring in a PC with a dead hard drive. It was a Maxtor, and we didn't sell that brand in store, so all we could do was handle the online RMA in their name.

After getting a 'new' sealed replacement drive, I plugged it into the machine and booted it. I forgot to put in the Windows boot CD to run the install. Upon looking back at the screen, the PC was booting into Win2K!! Letting it continue, and checking around, I found that the harddrive belonged to a Ford dealership. It had all sorts of sales and customer information in it.

I called Maxtor and explained the situation, more upset about receiving a used drive as a replacement. They informed me that it's standard practice to issue refurb drives for warranty replacement. And, it's common to receive 'failed' drives as warranty returns that have nothing wrong with them. They just wipe them, and send them back out as refurb. I got one of those drives. She told me there was nothing they would do, unless I wanted to do another RMA, and pay shipping to return the drive.


+ - Cosmopolitan magazine suing Vegas development

Submitted by destiny71
destiny71 writes: Hearst Communications (owners of Cosmopolitan magazine) are suing a Las Vegas development for trademark infringement.

Hearst Communications, a Heart Corp. subsidiary, claims the Cosmopolitan development has tried to confuse the public into thinking the project is associated with the publishing company.

Hearst also wants a court order preventing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office from approving any of the resort's two dozen applications to use Cosmopolitan or Cosmo throughout the development.
Hasn't the word 'cosmopolitan' been around longer than the magazine, and used as a drink name? And also used to describe a person, as well as used in the names of many other products. Cosmopolitan @ wiki

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