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Comment: People become less observant (Score 1) 351

by deskjethp (#41482607) Attached to: Why It's Bad That Smartphones Have Banished Boredom
All over I see people with something plugged into their ears. Looking at some sort of screen. No one ever looks up and around to explore anymore, or takes in the beauty of the landscape and architecture around them. I watch these people and look around and learn all sorts of things about the environment. I explore where people don't generally go, and find all sorts of treasures. The people fiddling with their phones miss a lot.

Comment: think about it all the time (Score 1) 514

by deskjethp (#37012948) Attached to: The Mathematics of Lawn Mowing
I've got a fair sized lawn that takes me 6 hours to mow with a push mower so I think about this a lot... What I like to do is mow the edges and around obstacles first getting unmown rectangles, rounding off the sides of the rectangles, and then going around the rounded shape non-stop. The rounding off of the edges saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent stopping and turning around and lets me just go continuously.

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