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Submission MIT student arrested for wearing breadboard

gillbates writes: "An MIT student was arrested at Logan Airport for wearing a solderless breadboard, which officials described as a "fake bomb". According to authorities, "Had she not followed the protocol, we might have used deadly force." The article doesn't say that she made any threats or otherwise indicated that it was a bomb. I can't help but wonder what implications this has for those of us who must routinely fly with prototype electronic devices (such as those en route to CES)."

Submission MIT Student arrested at Airport for LED Art->

An anonymous reader writes: An MIT student was arrested today at Logan Airport because she "had a computer circuit board and wiring in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing" when talking to a staffer at an information booth. She was visiting the airport to greet an arriving friend. She was wearing the shirt at a Career Fair earlier to stand out, and apparently didn't change before entering the airport. The police believed the object was a bomb and she was surrounded by a group of officers with submachine guns. Didn't the city learn its lesson from the Aqua Teen Hunger Scare?
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Submission MIT Student Arrested for Bomb Hoax

lechuck writes: An MIT student was arrested at Logan International Airport this morning. She was in possession of a proto-board, LEDs, Resistors, and Play-Doh. Story says that she brought said equipment to the information desk and asked about the status of an arriving passenger. State Police Maj. Scott Pare is quoted as saying that "Thankfully, because she followed instructions as was required, she ended up in a cell as opposed to the morgue." I wonder if it was a picture of Err, since the local police seem to hate that little guy.Local Story Here.
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Submission Daniel Lyons of Forbes admits he was snowed by SCO->

metamatic writes: "Dan Lyons of Forbes has posted an article admitting that he was simply wrong about the SCO lawsuit. 'For four years, I've been covering a lawsuit for, and my early predictions on this case have turned out to be so profoundly wrong that I am writing this mea culpa.'"
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