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Comment: Basic life skills (Score 1) 722

by desertrat_it (#46741683) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

Essential - cooking, baking, bread making.

Brewing is another basic skill that produces a product that can be used for barter.

Farming / growing crops - how else will you get the grain/fruit for cooking?

Hunting - obvious one there. But the other side of that coin is butchering. How many butchers do you know?

Sewing, to repair clothes that won't be replaceable for a while.

I could go on.

Comment: BES was awful (Score 2) 278

by desertrat_it (#44996525) Attached to: How BlackBerry Blew It

the company I worked for in 2001 - 2005 trialled BES on Windows 2000 Server and Exchange $whatever, configured especially for BES.

In that environment, BES blew goats. It constantly locked up, lost email, required reboots of the server, etc etc. The company *ran* back to GROUPWISE as a superior alternative to BES.

Comment: Re:This is disputed (Score 3, Funny) 380

by desertrat_it (#44902643) Attached to: Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

"Solar is dead. Most of the US doesn't get enough sun to make solar feasible. "

Apparently I have been hallucinating all the sun in the Southern US States. Who knew that coulds could be so bright and shiny? Who knew that cloudiness would make me so sun... sorry, cloud-burned?

Wow. I have been learned good.

Comment: Re:Too bad. (Score 5, Informative) 798

by desertrat_it (#42777951) Attached to: AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

I use Ting - they are a division of Tucows, use the Sprint network, are no-contract, and have reasonable monthly fees and no overage penalty (they just move you to the next tariff). I have an Android smartphone which I can use without any data plan if I so wish.

Comment: Re:Not in Alabama (Score 1) 118

by desertrat_it (#42000955) Attached to: Earth's Biggest Wine Cellar?

I think Alabama has an absurdly low abv limit for beer, if I remember correctly. something like 5 or 6 %.

nope. 13.9%.

There is no sensible beer that is 13.9% ABV. Even Carlsberg Special Brew is only 9%. Or do you have a different system for measuring in the US?

there's plenty craft breweries producing double digit ABV beers. Heck, Samichlaus from Austria is 14%. Barleywines routinely hit nearly 11%, Imperial Stouts run from 8% to nearly 20%. Sam Adams Utopias is 27%. Brewdog hit 51% with their "End of History" Icebock.

So, yes - there are plenty of "sensible" beers (i.e. not malt liquor, stuff which is actually worth drinking) in double digit ABV.

Comment: Re:Not in Alabama (Score 1) 118

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Alcohol is a state run for profit monopoly here. Buy it from the state or not at all. They even have special state run stores here. Shipping alcohol can get you jail time.

you're right and you're wrong.

Alabama, like a lot of states, is a 3 tier alcohol state - producer, wholesaler, retailer. Direct shipping of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law.

*Liquor* is a state run monopoly. Fermented beverages are not part of this monopoly.

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