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Time to kill my Karma....

I was living in Arizona at the time of the rolling blackouts in California. I remember newspaper stories about how APS and TEP (Arizona power companies) were planning to build power lines to northern Mexico to sell their excess power. Now, I don't know what power lines existed between Arizona and California at the time, but I would assume 2 big power companies with excess power (to the point they wanted to build lines across the border!) would have been able to add power to southern California.

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You know, about 2 years ago I got rid of all the old copies I had. I didn't go back and 'reference' them. I just kept them. I figure they guys that pick up the recyclables thought they got a jackpot. Only have 1 or 2 on hand at a time. Anyway, this isn't Usenet in '95. You can get much more in 5 minutes of searching if you try.

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Down thread I list The Economist as well. I discovered early on that I can't get through it cover to cover in a week. I wish I had the time to read all of it every week. But, damn, it is the best of all the ones I read. It may be expensive but it is worth every cent. It is one that I and Mrs. Fool will not give up.

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1) The Economist. Gotta read that each week because the news in the US is too US focused.
2) Playboy. Had a subscription since '89. Don't judge me.
3) Wired. It's a good read.
4) Fast Company. It was insanely cheap. Now I know why.

Mrs. Fool gets "Good Housekeeping" and "Midwest Living".
The little Fool gets "American Girl" and "National Geographic Kids".

Sure, lots of dead trees, but you can't spend 100% in front of a screen.

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This is a HUGE blessing. I have been working for a company that uses an offshore outsourcer for quite a few years. They suck the brains of the "re-badged" US employees, then let them go, then bring in kids from offshore to perform their jobs. This needs to stop. /sorry, but bitter. //seen too many good people lose their jobs then be replaced by people with no experience. ///this isn't enough.

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I guess I should be clear: IPX was layer 3.... SPX was layer 4. The use of the mac address in the IPX address reminded me of the use of the mac address in IPv6. The network address in the first part of the IPX address was the network. But you could assign any network address you wanted. So it had that shortfall.

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