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by lgw (#46781121) Attached to: Snowden Queries Putin On Live TV Regarding Russian Internet Surveillance

Screw you, warmonger. Stop trying to police the world. The only way it matters is if there's clear evidence that they're going to attack America.

Hitler had no immediate plans to attack America. Sometimes shit just gets out of hand and you have to do your part. The longer you wait, the higher the cost in lives and money when you do.

Looks like this flyer is being denied by everyone in the government now: whether or not it was sincere in the first place, the threat from basically everyone in the civilized world is the needed deterrent to stop shit like this before it gets started.

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by lgw (#46780671) Attached to: Snowden Queries Putin On Live TV Regarding Russian Internet Surveillance

Not to Godwin the thread, but the new government in east Ukraine is actually registering Jews right now today.

America learned once why it can't let dictators like Putin just invade their neighbors with impunity. How quickly we forgot where this all goes. It will take more than a sternly worded letter, or laughable sanctions, to stop this shit. And it must be stopped. It's on all of us, otherwise.

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by lgw (#46780521) Attached to: Bidding At FCC TV Spectrum Auction May Be Restricted For Large Carriers

Well, monopoly is the wrong word. The problem is barrier to entry. Established large companies just suck in general, never seem to move technology forward even when it's in their best interests. Most progress comes from small companies who embrace every cool new advance just to stay alive, and succeed in changing customer expectations. If the big guy then buys the small guy for that tech, and moves to meet those raised expectations, everyone wins. That happens often in, say, software, but big telcos have always been too steeped in tradition to do anything right, so it all sucks.

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by lgw (#46780451) Attached to: GoPro Project Claims Technology Is Making People Lose Empathy For Homeless

Claiming the tax breaks themselves results in increased revenue is horribly conflating correlation with causation. It's much more likely the increased revenue was in fact due to the increased deficit spending, of course.

Well, I don't try to argue the Left out of its notion that for every problem the solution is government spending, but the point of voodoo economics was that lowering the frankly abusive top tax rates would stimulate a lot of spending and new investment, and that seems to have happened. Also, tax revenue went up in a very straightforward way: the rich have much flexibility in when, where and how they get compensated. Dropping tax rates caused a bunch of income and gains to "magically appear", as people stopped playing games to hide it. It's much like dropping the price of a computer game below the "easier to buy than pirate" price point can result in 10x sales.

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In Germany it's considered better to put your indicator on while you're in the fast lane to indicate to the person in front of you that you want to pass them. Flashing your lights is considered rude.

Clogging the passing lane is rude. Flashing your lights makes much more sense than indicating a turn you can't make. If I saw someone indicating a turn they couldn't make behind someone driving too slow I'd assume I was looking at a couple of assholes, not one good driver stuck behind one asshole, because assholes leave their signal on all the time.

I really have little idea how this idea is seen around the world, however. I know that flash to pass is acceptable in the UK and Canada, and it's the standard in most US states including California, where there are the most people, the most vehicles, and the most vehicle miles traveled.

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by drinkypoo (#46778899) Attached to: SSD-HDD Price Gap Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

I don't know how his systems work but my PC works like this. I have a big disk with Linux and virtual machines. I have a SSD and a 2.5 HDD of the same capacity for Windows, and I periodically back up the SSD to the HDD. The backup is bootable and if the SSD fails I just get the HDD. All the data gets backed up to a disk on a pogoplug running Debian which is supposed to be on a separate UPS but isn't right now, at least it's not in the same machine. I don't store any big data on the Windows side, so that's only 160GB. The nearby disk is 3TB. I only get 10-18 MB/sec peak to/from that, depending on the client, which is a little poky for USB3 and GigE but within the acceptable range for most purposes. I had another disk hooked up directly to my PC which I mirrored to that network volume, but it died.

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my reasoning is actually that all desktop work chairs just suck ass. a 10 dollar one piece plastic chair beats all of them - your ass doesn't sweat, you can lean on them, they don't roll out under you - they don't roll around their axis(this one is particularly annoying because WHO THE FUCK really needs a rotating chair?? that rotation and roller wheels are the worst fucking idea ever. I mea, who the fuck comes up with that idea and thinks it's a good choice for a worker who keeps constantly pushing on buttons on the desk and moving an object around the desk? ? fix problems for the 99% by removing the wheels, rotation and smelling cushion and let the hipsters have the stand up desks).

Well, I use my rotating and rolling chair all the time. Besides the value to sysadmins, which I have found to be significant, it's pretty much mandatory for anyone who has a filing cabinet right next to their desk. I also sweat in plastic chairs, maybe because I am fat. Still, it's true. Actually, I found this to be true way back when I was a child, when I was not fat. That didn't really happen until Jr. high.

The only office chair I know of which is worth one tenth of one shit is the Aeron. It's still one of the most ergonomic chairs around in spite of not actually having been designed to be particularly ergonomic. The goal was to create "the office chair of the future" and obviously in the future, your chair should be fully adjustable. As it turns out, there's many different body types and sizes of human, so full adjustability is what's needed for ergonomics. I literally sit down in this chair when my back hurts. The combination of good posture and good lumbar support is unbeatable. And I bought my Aeron used, so I didn't get completely mauled on the price. And it doesn't have cushions to stink up or make you sweat, either.

If you spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair, you want an Aeron. I don't care how much markup they have. Of all the shit that startups wasted their money on back in the dot-com bubble, the chairs were the least senseless.

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No RAID does not allow HDD to perform as SSDs. RAID increases throughput but it does not decrease access time, which in many cases is fare more important than throughput.

RAID doesn't improve first access time, but good RAID improves non-sequential seek times.

Having a seek time of 8ms when you are working with many small files is a huge hit on performance. The seek time of SSDs is well under a millisecond.

Yes, for some workloads it is very important. But for many of those, there's prefetching.

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The hustling scammers, the druggies and drunks, the mentially ill, or the real homeless that are down on their luck and actually trying?

All of those people are down on their luck, even the scammers. They were emotionally and/or socially undernourished, and they can't see any better way to live than a lifestyle which will lead to a sad and pathetic retirement, if any. The druggies and drunks are addicts, they're caught in the grip of something they can't get away from. It's not enviable.

Those people are helped by my donations to homeless shelters and to women and children shelters.

I hope your local shelters are actually good places. Often they are staffed with serious assholes. You wouldn't think that was possible. It is.

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