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Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 258

by derblack (#37828782) Attached to: Hyperion Promises An AmigaOS Netbook
Hello there. Maybe you could check out this video: The submitter made another one prior to this (in 2009). It makes interesting points on why someone would want to use amigaOS in these modern times.

I just simply want to know- why- and for what motivation there is for "yet another OS".

It's not yet another OS that is being thrown out there just now. OS4 has been out for several years and people like it. It is clearly still an OS for hobbyists though.

Comment: Amiga and IBM clone (Score 1) 422

by derblack (#36745666) Attached to: How Do You Get Your Geek Nostalgia Fix?
For my geek nostalgia fix I fire up my Amiga 500 or 1200. The sound of those floppy drives just gives me shivers: I'm instantly 12 again. I also constantly try to find BBSes that are still active, but it's just not the same these days. Using them used to feel like straight from a cyberpunk novel...
What's also pretty cool (for me): Digger, my first ever computer game. While playing it I feel like 10 on my dad's 8086 IBM clone.

The only problem with my old computers is the famous WAF. My Lady doesn't appreciate those old gray 'things' around.

Comment: Re:+1 Star Trek! (Score 1) 613

by derblack (#27625483) Attached to: How Piracy Affected the Launch of <em>Demigod</em>
But you forget (or do not realize) that Star Trek is a sort of mirror of society. Of course we have no intergalactic space ships and transporters/beamers, but the problems they deal with are real. You can look at almost any series/episode and discover hints towards problems we have in todays world (if you allow yourself to think about it for a second). It also depicts something we as humans should long for: peace amongst each other and the smart use of technology to make life better. Star Trek also teaches us that there are other values in life to strive for than just "earn.. much.. money". Caught in the rat race much? When 3d scanners become mainstream we will face huge problems if we don't work out where the limit to suing people blind for a copy is. Regarding TFA, there is no denying that piracy reduces sales (if you stick to the conventional model of "I produce then sell"). However, if you come up with a method to provide your customers with a special service (that is essential to enjoying the game) you might start noticing a change... nothing new I'm saying I know, but I felt like posting today...

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.