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Submission + - An RC truck with a mounted camea saves 6 lives (go.com)

derGoldstein writes: ABCNews has a story of a toy RC truck that was upgraded with a camera and saved lives: "The little truck was used by the troops to run ahead of them on patrols and look for roadside bombs. Fessenden has had it since 2007, when Ernie and Kevin Guy, the owner of the Everything Hobby shop in Rochester, rigged it with a wireless video camera and shipped it to him. ... Last week, it paid off. Chris Fessenden said he had loaned the truck to a group of fellow soldiers, who used it to check the road ahead of them on a patrol. It got tangled in a trip wire connected to what Fessenden guesses could have been 500 lbs. of explosives. The bomb went off. The six soldiers controlling the truck from their Humvee were unhurt". (link contains video) This really begs the question: why are hobbyists ahead of the military with something like this, using consumer technology?

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