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Submission + - Fans Reveal the Pain behind Angry Birds (

An anonymous reader writes: Two Finnish fans wanted to shed light on the pain and suffering behind the Angry Birds' story. And guess what? It's personal! Nobody takes your unborn child and eats him/her. The only reassurance is that there will be consequences.

Submission + - What are the Funniest Spam Subject Lines? 1

The Narrative Fallacy writes: "Bill Sweetman has a tongue-in-cheek post about how a few years ago he started collecting some of the more outlandish and amusing email subject lines from the many thousands of spam emails he received promoting various 'solutions' related to his private parts. Sweetman, a Canadian internet marketeer now working for Tucows gets a guilty pleasure from the copywriting 'skills' of the spammers. "Sometimes the writing is clever. Sometimes it is accidentally funny. And sometimes it's just plain bizarre." Sweetman writes that it takes a certain twisted creative genius to make your spam message stand out from the rest. and gives us ten of his favorite spam subject lines as well as his would be replies to the messages. Favorites spam subject lines include "Small friend is for hiding, big friend is for showing off" and Sweetman's reply "Even if the product they are pitching works as promised, I still don't think I would be walking around the neighborhood showing off the results." Another favorite is "Men will see your power in every public shower" with Sweetman's reply "If they did, wouldn't I be arrested?" But our favorite is "We can make your man's volcano erupt like a famous Etna!" with Sweetman's reply "Lava. Fire. Smoke. Thanks, but I can do without those in the bedroom." What are spam subject lines that get your attention?"

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