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Comment: Re:Enough with the "I got ripped off!" whining (Score 1) 261

by dep01 (#24227833) Attached to: Asus Confirms Specs, Price of Eee PC 904 and 1000
I always thought the point of the Asus Eee was a cheap laptop you could just throw in your bag and take to a coffee shop without freaking out about breaking it (ie. carrying a $2000 laptop in your bag). Or maybe a beginner laptop for kids. I can't see why someone would want to use it as their primary laptop. The small keyboard would give you bad wrist problems in a matter of months.

Karl Rove Resigning Aug 31 739

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the start-the-clock-ticking dept.
tetrahedrassface writes "According to CNN current Bush Administration political advisor Karl Rove will be resigning his post as senior political advisor at the end of August to spend more time with his family. Few if any prior senior political advisors to presidents have been the lightning rods for controversy that Mr. Rove has. Accused of running smear campaigns and celebrated for pioneering district level up campaigns that rely heavily on databases and fake grassroots origins, Mr Rove is one of the chief architects of the Republican Revolution."

Winnie Wrote a Math Book 638

Posted by Zonk
from the why-isn't-that-a-textbook dept.
SoyChemist writes "Hollywood is not known for providing a wealth of positive female role models. Danica McKellar, the actress that played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years and Elsie Snuffin on The West Wing, has written a math book for teenage girls. 'Math Doesn't Suck' is done in the style of a teen magazine. It even includes a horoscope, cute doodles of shoes and jewelry, and testimonials from attractive young career women that use math at work. It focuses on fractions and pre-algebra and uses mnemonics like calling a reciprocal a 'refliprocal', because you just take the fraction and flip it upside down. Wired interviewed McKellar about the new book and her crusade to eliminate the achievement gap between boys and girls in math courses. McKellar graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA. While studying there, she co-authored a proof and presented it at a conference. After she and Mayim Bialik — star of Blossom and a PhD in neuroscience — appeared in a 20/20 episode about intellectual actresses, several literary agents came knocking on her door."

Point-and-Click Gmail Hacking Shown at Black Hat 260

Posted by Zonk
from the man-they-get-all-the-fun-demos dept.
not5150 writes "Using Gmail or most other webmail programs over an unsecured access point just got a bit more dangerous. At Black Hat Robert Graham, CEO of errata security, showed how to capture and clone session cookies very quickly over connections without encryption. He even hijacked a shocked attendee's Gmail account in the middle of his presentation. 'While Ou was typing, Graham was running Ferret and sniffing all the cookies that were being sent from Ou's laptop and Google. Graham then clicked on Ou's IP address and Gmail page, complete with Ou's recently sent message on the screen. We photographed both Graham's and Ou's laptop at that time and posted it to the picture gallery. You'll see that the contents are exactly the same.'"
The Internet

The Pirate Bay About To Relaunch 285

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the but-for-how-long dept.
kungfujesus writes "The Pirate Bay crew has been working on this secret project for quite some time now. Back in April they wrote a cryptic post on their blog announcing that something was coming. In a response to this announcement TPB admin Brokep told TorrentFreak: "The past, the present and the future. It's all the same, but one thing's for sure, we will radiate for weeks", today it became clear that he was referring to the resurrection of Suprnova."

GTA IV Delayed Into Next Year 138

Posted by Zonk
from the grand-delayed-auto dept.
1up has the news that Take Two is moving Grand Theft Auto IV's release out to Spring 2008. Sam Houser (the executive producer for Rockstar Games) says that the demands of creating games for the new consoles, along with the scope of the game, forced their hand to maintain the quality they wanted. "'With Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar is setting a new standard for next generation video games,' stated Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two. 'Certain elements of development proved to be more time-intensive than expected, especially given the commitment for a simultaneous release on two very different platforms. We all recognize that perfecting the game is vital and I can assure everyone it will be worth the wait.'"

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