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I am sure that if there were evidence that employees were doing something improper, that that would be allowed and announced. Just like during the bank bailout, a lot of talking heads brought up the fact that there were borrowers who provided no income verification for their loans who tended to drive up the market. But very little was brought up about the fact that lots of banks were making lots of money in securitization and repacking the loans as investments. The lucrative money was made in this aspect of the industry. Even CNBC's coverage of the loan crisis put a lot of the blame at the Lebanese clown in CA (who was the principal backer of the movie "Fast and Furious") who was refinancing loans. Well, if he did not have banks willing to buy up his loans, his business would have dried up quick.
Spin everything.

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by deodiaus2 (#46762521) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year
There are so many opportunities to take and retake your photos these days. Every time you come to a traffic light you stand a high chance of being photographed by traffic cameras. I bet that stores and banks provide footage, often done with some tax incentives. Your clothes have RFID tags from the time you bought them. Yes, it can be possible to change clothes or microwave them, but I am sure that there is some error correction going on once these systems have amassed redundant data. Also, there are other systems out there, i.e. your faces's and eye's major blood vessels form a unique pattern for much the same reasons that your fingerprints do. Even people's stride is somewhat characteristic. Apparently so is writing style I am sure that data fusion is on the minds of many a NSA analysts.

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As others have pointed out, the purpose of writing is for effective communications. If there is a breakdown in this communication, then several possible faults exist. There is a problem with the language used in its ability to convey information. Or there is a problem with one or both speakers in his/her competence. Or all three. I have written information that I could not convey, the reader could not understand, and the medium was inadequate for the representation.
There are several jokes that I'd like to share.
1) Don't teach a pig to sing. It annoys the pig and wastes your time.
2) Don't waste your time arguing with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
Over all, my time is important. If you cannot understand what I am saying, my option might be to not communicate with you. Its not that I am a snob, but I want something more out of a situation. If I feel that I am spending too much time getting you up to speed, then there is something wrong.
For instance, I really dislike discussing religion with people who want to discuss religion. Fundamentally, they don't want to discuss religion, but rather, just want to either convert you to their mode of thinking or find out if you are in their in circle. While as I don't give a shit about their circle, it might be that being outside means that I am missing out on a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, I don't like playing politics, so I'd rather work somewhere where I am doing as little politics as possible.
The other issue is that if your grammar is bad, then maybe so is your logic and math. By dealing with you, I am not growing and learning. Or not growing and learning in the way that I want to. I have served my time tutoring others, so I am not getting enough of a return on my efforts.

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Yes, you can bribe an cop in Mexico for $1000. However, in the US, the lawyer fees are $100K+. For that kind of money, you will tap into the lawyer's network of friends and acquaintances and somehow everyone owes someone a favor or at least favoritism. You might not win the case, but every dollar you spend is to buy yourself a bit of better odds. On the surface, it is all legal, but there is an implicit understanding that these people (in the legal system) work together. Just go and visit a town with a population of Call it irony, but for most laws, there are laws for "conspiracy". To be convicted of conspiring, a lawyer has to show not that the offenders knew of each others actions, but rather that they acted in a fashion that was consistent with having the same goals and purpose. The legal profession is filled with lots of laws. It is only a matter of selective enforcement as to who is charged with which ones and to what extent.
A well established friend of ours son was picked up for smoking weed in public. The cops brought him to his father's house where the father made a scene in front of the cops, so I guess that was as good as "sending him to jail," which they didn't do. I guess if he were black, then that would have been done automatically even by black cops who want to appear to be doing their job.
We should celebrate our more sophisticated system. We have the best form of government that money can buy.

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I often think that Mexican day labours have a heads up on this game. Even when they choose a skilled profession, they tend to pick things that will make them money over their lifetime, i.e. plumbing, HVAC maintenance, auto-repair, food service, nursing (mostly female) and landscaping.
Unlike most of my fellow lower middle class college mates who cannot find jobs in their professions even in a good economy. I know of guy why is in "Forestry". Shit, I did not know that one has to go to college for that. After all, isn't that a career that you can learn on the job. Lets not even talk about the ones in Film and Communications.

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There are lots of things to be done, however, I don't know if the explanations can reductionistic anymore. I was listening to a speech by DeGrasse or Kaku about this and wondered. There was a book in the 1980s called "The end of Physics."
The easy stuff has been done and is well documented. I read an article of how when quantum theory was first formulated, scientists were able to apply the physics of drum vibrations (done 200 years earlier) towards understanding electron orbitals.
Understanding and predicting DNA/RNA is going to be filled with all sorts of strange heuristics. Sort of like driving around NYC during rush hour during a bomb threat. Physics and pure math have an eloquence to them. Applied Math or Physics and Chemistry don't, or once those parts are teased out, they become pure math and theoretical physics..

Understanding human brain thoughts and artificial intelligence are going to be great areas to be explored.

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Yes, I'd love to hear a meeting start with an Atheist like Hitchens or Dawkins. I am sure that if Hitchens were to compare Religion to North Korea,
.he would no longer get invited to offer equal time.
America tolerates descent, as long as it is marginalized and not making headway.

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'The further you get away from your education the less knowledge you have of the new technologies, and technology is always moving forward.'"
I guess that assumes that
1) We, as techworkers, don't learn from our experience.
2) That there is no carry over of concepts from one tech to another.
3) That the technology changes so much that we cannot or do not learn new stuff constantly in the process of working and learning.
4) The technology is the sole thing. There are businesses to be understood and adequately communicated and documented. There is misinterpretation between two engineers who speak the same language, so of course there will be misinterpretation amongst different cultures and standards.
I think there have been plenty of times where I really did things right was after I did them wrong the first time. Other times, one must know a lot to be productive. Yes, we can write 100K lines of code, but if we don't understand how it all interrelates to other components, most of that is not used.
5) That foreigners want to work as slaves for their American masters. I bet within the next decade, we will lose our ability to do any technology here because we will have lost the number of experienced workers to do the design and architecture. I welcome that because it is the only way that the elite will see that tech just doesn't happen overnight. A society that looses its competitive edge will not get it back easily. Look at Germany after WWII. Prior to WW1, Germany was the scientific and intellectual powerhouse in the world. look at the number of Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. Since the end of WWII, most intellectuals left to contribute elsewhere. After WWII, there has been a massive brain drain on its economy at a time when Germany needed to rebuild its cities and infrastructure. Another point in fact is that many German rocket scientists went back in the 1970's.
Very soon, you will have major businesses spring up in India and China run by people who repatrioted after learning here. If you ever talk to your Indian counterparts, you will learn that many of them intend to return after their 7 year visa runs out. They know that they are not wanted here, so this will happen from a variety of factors.

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By design, the Enigma had an extra encryption permutation wheel which was always set to 0. Had that been used, the difficulty in cracking the codes would have been far more difficult by 1943 standards. The Nazi's were too arrogant and did not want to deal with the extra logistics involved with having to communicate this extra setting. Shows you what happens when bureaucrats instead of engineers make decisions.

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As a student, my education was good. I was in the honors track in upstate NY in the high school system. I ended up going to a top rated university with a degree in mathematics. However, the job market was tough and continues to be so. While as I like programming, I really am not happy with the things I have done nor the way that my life has turned out. I must say that I was over-educated for my current role in society.
I know of plenty of other people in a similar situation, probably because I took the time to get to know them. People with Ph. D. in Physics working as part time faculty for minimum wage (if you count lecture preparation time) for a couple of hours a week. I know of Ph. Ds in Chemistry working as farmers and M Sc. philosophy students working as hair dressers. At one time, these were very bright and idealistic people who "thought" that if they just finish the program, they would find jobs. I think that bright people delude themselves into thinking that somehow the world will just hire them because they are bright.

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I have nothing to hide, but then I really know that getting cooperation from the Chinese as requested by the West is really going to be a pain in the ass. Well, its about time that I start being a pain in the ass, for up to know, that was a privilege and right of the elite.

Man is the best computer we can put aboard a spacecraft ... and the only one that can be mass produced with unskilled labor. -- Wernher von Braun