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Comment: Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 388

by deodiaus2 (#48804405) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them
There are lots of things going on in CS. It is impossible for someone to know everything.
For example, my kid knows a lot about iPhones and various gadgets, but that that does not qualify him to be a repair man. He makes a good effort and is often successful, but really lacks a fundamental understanding.
It is rumored that Einstein was not exactly brilliant in everything. Often, he said, "Physics is easy, its the income tax calculations which are hard!" Similarly, Einstein let his marriage deteriorate. He could have taken easy steps to save his first marriage. Marriage takes work and sacrifice, and if one is really committed to it, then it takes compromise. I think he would have made the same contributions to his fame even had he taken care of matters. Otherwise, he could have just locked himself up in his office and not dated at all, and then he did not need to have a wife.
I know that the fore mentioned example is extreme, but is it any different than knowing any other obtuse bit of knowledge?

Comment: Our capsule got wet, get the towels!! (Score 1) 151

by deodiaus2 (#48739677) Attached to: In Daring Plan, Tomorrow SpaceX To Land a Rocket On Floating Platform
Somehow, I think that a component that pulled a 10 G when launched, went through a massive deceleration while being super heated and exposed to corrosive water and oxygen isn't going to be significantly damaged if it splashes down in the ocean?
That and the fact that landing on a carrier is not always going to be cushy and might miss during a wave swell?

Comment: 6th grader math ciriculum (Score 1) 169

by deodiaus2 (#48734613) Attached to: Better Learning Through Expensive Software? One Principal Thinks Not
I was reading a 6th grade curriculum for a private school. In order to show off, the book had a section on the 12 Chinese century proof of Pythagoras's theorem based on equivalent areas.
What nonsense to teach this to a 6th grader. First, a 6th grader has no concepts of primitive geometry, even having a difficult time understanding like dimensions and postulates. .
The time wasted on this topic should have been devoted to learning fundamentals of mathematics which are the foundations for understanding geometry instead of gee-whiz, look at this proof. I see that because I am a mathematician. I doubt that the text book authors understand the principles of axiomatic formulations of geometry, instead, just route memorized that Pythagoras's stuff is coming up!

Comment: 1970 car (Score 1) 840

My friend had a car in the 1970's having 2 spark plugs which could not be replaced without lifting the engine. I had a 1974 Subaru with a broken tail lens. I found the lens for a 1973, but holes were in different spot. When I redrilled new holes and put the old lends in, the lens cracked. This was designed to fail.

Comment: rehab fan (Score 1) 106

by deodiaus2 (#48643547) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot
I use to love this show as a teenager. In college, I stopped watching television. Afterwards, it just struck me as stupid and self righteous, but maybe that was a reflection of society as a whole. The dialogs were campy and the situations so contrived. Everything was just so fortuitous. Kirk would make a silly gamble and win. Just did not strike me as real. Especially when others would make the same gamble and lose. I think "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy " made fun of this in the improbability drive.
People would say it was the best SF. I thought Outer Limits was much better in terms of having stories and characters. For one thing, Kirk and the Enterprise would survive.

Comment: AP students (Score 1) 307

I took AP (chem and calculus) classes in high school. I think I scored a 3 on the AP exams, so did not place out of those classes. Instead, when I got to college, I was put into honor's versions of those classes. There were 2 problems with this approach. As a good student, I was punished twice. Once for having taken them in HS while many of my classmates took the easier regular version of those classes, some of whom scored better overall and got scholarships based on their academic grades. The time I got punished is when taking those honor's version in college, I was competing against a better candidate pool and thus had little time for other activities (girls). The other issue is that those classes were a time drain that could have been better used towards other academic classes. Later on, I learned how students would intentionally rig the game by taking easy classes to boost their GPA. I guess it was too late when I tried to play that game. One of my friends was fully fluent in Spanish, but took that just because he could do an easy course load. Similarly, I had friends who failed out of Biology, switched into Psychology, and got into Med School. I guess I lost faith in the fairness of the system by then.

Comment: Re:Let it die. (Score 2) 233

by deodiaus2 (#48494029) Attached to: Football Concussion Lawsuits Start To Hit High Schools
Professional sports mess up the priorities of sports. As soon as universities charge for sport events, it is no longer a sport, but a business and profession.
Yes, you can say that the adult athletes should know about the dangers and as such should be in a position to ascertain the risk. Fundamentally, it was one of denial that something will happen to him. The same argument could be made that the Jews knew about the risks when Hitler got elected and opted to move to Birobidzhan as soon as the Nazi movement got started, but did not want to risk loosing their jewelery market investment in Germany until it was too late. Or that the Injuns should have moved to Mexico when the Manifest Destiny movement grained traction.

Comment: Re:IQ of congress (Score 1) 163

by deodiaus2 (#48423093) Attached to: Number of Coders In Congress To Triple (From One To Three)
Originally, I was thinking of Mark Twain's quote, "Suppose you are an idiot". Now suppose that you are a member of Congress". Now, I am being redundant".
This came up in an different context. When Ralph Reed tool over Moral Majority from Jerry Falwell. Falwell was a idiot, but Reed presented a new threat as he took the time to think things out, in how issues would benefit his cause and the detriment of his opposition.
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