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Comment: Re:You can replace Windows... But not the battery. (Score 1) 122

Still not user serviceable for a simple task of replacing a battery on something that should be a workSTATION.
A stationary object used for work.
Where those extra 3-4 mm of thickness and 50-100 grams saved mean somewhere between bupkis and diddlysquat.

So one can chuck that $2000+ "workstation" into the bin in 3 years as the size of the battery does not matter when it comes to the heat-degradation.
It's how many times and how often its cells hit the "overheating" limit, causing them to shrink in capacity to under that limit.

At which point it COULD be made into a cabled-down machine with enough minutes on the battery to MAYBE save the project one is working on in the case of a power outage.
But if it is cable-only in 3 years (or maybe sooner if one likes draining the battery to the core and charging it on a bed under a blanket) - who gives a fuck about how slim or light it is?

One can buy a far better desktop machine and a UPS for that money. And it would be user-serviceable and upgradeable.

Comment: IT'S THAT FUCKIN ASSHOLE SAMZENPUS AGAIN... (Score -1, Troll) 381

by denzacar (#49765227) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI

Fucker is SO sensationalism-happy it's amazing he hasn't migrated to Gawker yet. They probably wouldn't take him cause he's too old for them.

Actual summed up numbers are overall positive. From TFS:

Extremely good: 24
On balance good: 28
That's 52% samzenpus, you fucking illiterate hack.

More or less neutral: 17
That's 69% who think it will be the same OR BETTER, you sensationalist troll.

On balance bad:13
Extremely bad (existential catastrophe): 18
That's a mere 31% (less than a third) who are into gloom and doom scenarios. You human cockroach samzenpus.

Oh and BTW...
Those negative numbers mostly come from "the 'theoretical' (PT-AI and AGI)" groups (with PT-AI leading in crying "The END is NIGH!") while those engaged in actual technical AI work gave mostly positive grades.
From TFA:

The participants of PT-AI are mostly theory-minded, mostly do not do technical work, and often have a critical view on large claims for easy progress in AI (Herbert Dreyfus was a keynote speaker in 2011).

But the best part is that out of 170 who responded to the survey (out of 549 queried), 115 (~67.6%) belonged to the more AI-critical group of PT-AI and AGI.
Meaning that EVEN AMONG GLOOM&DOOMERS, majority is NOT buying into gloom & doom scenario.

Which means that the summary is not even wrong.
Seriously, why hasn't anyone yet replaced samzenpus with a script? No advanced AI is needed in his case.

Comment: You can replace Windows... But not the battery. (Score 2, Insightful) 122

From TFA:

Battery 61Whr (6-cell) non-replaceable

So, it is good that that "M3800 is the world's thinnest" mobile workstation, cause they can shove it up their asses with that policy of chasing the "looks" factor over functionality.

Which can be seen in the design of the keyboard as well.
It sits there centered, with HUGE empty spaces on both sides, and no dedicated numeric keys while navigation keys are down to very crammed arrow keys.

This is a glorified e-mail machine that you discard after 3 years.

Comment: Cyanide is a natural material too... (Score 1) 244

by denzacar (#49757639) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

Sand is a natural material, and the environment already knows how to deal with it.

Every time you get the urge to say "it's natural so it is OK" - REMEMBER CYANIDE.
Or Ebola. Or AIDS. Cancer too...

All perfectly natural.

Just like sulfuric acid - which is used to unclog pipes once they accumulate too much sand.
Or even "apricot shells and cocoa beans" suggested by the idiotic article.
Both of which soak up water, sink to the bottom and clog up pipes - calling for more perfectly natural chemicals to poured down the drain more often.

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 244

by denzacar (#49757585) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

Maybe you can try going to poor towns in West Virginia and tell them that they have to spend millions of dollars on new sewage treatment plants because of toothpaste and skin soap.

Lay off the appeal to the poor and other forms of appeal to emotion and look at your question again.

Then, consider that the article itself argues how California (due to its economy's size) banning this particular product (which article claims is being used because it is cheaper) will FORCE the industry to stop using it altogether.
Meaning that instead of "poow witwe tows iw Wewst Wiwviwia" (Isn't appeal to emotion retarded?) it will affect the economy of the ENTIRE USA and thus indirectly the world - because "estimated 38 tons of plastic pollution in California".

On the other hand...
Why are you OK with California influencing both world economy INCLUDING Wewst Wiwviwia evowowy (OK... I'll stop) in one dictatorial form - but not in another which would be ameliorated by various federal and state grants and caps based on quantity of produced/treated sewage, AFTER it gets voted in on a federal level?
How many poow wi... how many small towns outside California would be influenced by regulations for stricter filtration INSIDE California?
Which would produce cleaner water all-round, and not just from that one form of particles.

And really... California, the 10th economy by nominal GDP, IN THE WORLD, surpassing India and Canada, can't afford better treatment of its water - so it has to shift the cost of its inhabitants fear of plastic onto everyone else's wallets?

On a side note...
Can't wait until it dawns on Californians that glitter is made out of the same stuff, only covered with various shiny metals.
I wonder if they'll ban Mariah Carey?

Comment: Nice strawman... (Score 1) 615

by denzacar (#49710673) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks

Also, you're arguing a metaphor.

Thus, probably unwittingly, cause if your comments on the topic lack anything clearly it is having wits behind them, you go off to hide in your corner from the straw bogeymen coming for your "stuff", clutching at your gun to defend you.
Because, clearly, poor people are getting ready to take everything from you. $1000 today and other nonsense.

Here's the thing boyo...
Can you shoot viruses with them guns of yours? How bout bacteria?
Can you shoot 'lectricity into your wires and oil and water into your pipes?
How about simply shoot some bread on your table?

You know... stuff that will appear suddenly as what amounts to entire nations (there are countries with fewer people than 3.5 million truckers alone) suddenly end up without food or medicine or pot to piss in, and in the long run, without the ground to bury their dead.
Following your "Fuck them I got mine" economic policy.

How many bullets does it take to stop that guy who's off his meds and out of a job but perfectly able to steal a truck, get drunk on stolen booze and go ramming it into other people's cars?
Or simply take HIS gun (You think you're the only one with a peashooter?) and gun you down for no reason cause he's off his meds? You some gun-ninja, with a six sense for danger?
No... not fear. We know you got that covered. DANGER-sense. Like what Spiderman has. No?
Well... no wonder you're shaking in your boots then... you'd have to be shooting at everyone you don't know.
And that's a lot of boo-lets...

How about that other guy who decides to steal the copper out of them power lines and gets both himself electrocuted AND takes out half the local grid in the process?
Are YOU gonna guard all the power lines everywhere by your own lonesome, clutching your pathetic little Saturday night special?
What's that? You're gonna PAY someone to guard them? Will that be $1000, $5000 or more? Lotsa them power lines...

BTW... did you know that you can use transformer oil (from power transformers) to run engines?
Yeah... And they like have these pathetic locks on them. You just kick them a little. Then you drill a hole in the transformer, drain the oil into a can and leave it to rot or catch fire. Someone will come along and strip it of the wiring later.
You're gonna pay that? Oh right... guns... Your gonna shoot the transformer into working. No... wait... you're gonna pay more guards and police...

But fuck that... right... You know what that oil does best? It works GREAT in chainsaws.
Heatin don't come free, you know. But LANDSLIDES do!
You're gonna love those... they take out houses, roads, tear up underground pipes...
You'll be paying that shit too, I know. Right after you shoot that landslide.

But hold on... Them poor people don't have medical or any kind of insurance.
You won't mind them going around all sick and stuff... urinating in your yard... taking shit where ever they can... and eventually dying all around your place.
Right-right... you're gonna shoot that too. Shoot the sick right out of them.
Then shoot the medicine and doctors INTO hospitals to treat YOU when you need them instead of all them poor people swamping the system.
Then you're gonna pay someone to bury/burn the corpses, sanitize everything, give you daily checkups to make sure you didn't catch anything... must be great to be able to afford all that on your private tropical island.

And that's all before your next door neighbor, your huntin/fishin/masturbatin buddy, comes to your door with a plan to shoot himself some stuff.
See... his trucking business went belly up on account of all them self-driving trucks not needing his local services in your neighborhood cause nobody's buying shit there anymore. So... nothing to transport.
You and your ex-billionaire buddy are the only ones there - and you got yourself all the shit you need behind your guns and walls and moats and crocodiles and drawbridges and all that other shit you built around your personal "one-person prison".

Come on... He's your buddy. He's just gonna shoot you a little. And take your crocodiles.

Comment: They used teleportation. (Score 1) 121

Even their aircraft worked on a form of teleportation.

As for the nukes... it was actually a case of many dirty bombs exploding under an energy shield, down through a hollowed out core of the planet which was mined for hundreds of thousands of years.


Finally they projected it. What a brilliant picture! They had thought it might be fuzzy such as you get with heat waves. But the light that had traveled for over a year was crystal-clear and straight.

There was the imperial City of Psychlo. Circular tram rails, streets down from its cliffs like conveyor belts. They even carried the idea of mining into their city design.
Huge, bustling Psychlo! The center of power of the universes. The hub of the great, cruel claw that raked the bones from planets and peoples everywhere. There was the three-hundred-two-thousand-year-old monster itself, spread out in its sadistic and ugly might!

Neither Jonnie nor Angus had ever seen a live city of that size before. A hundred million population? A billion? Not the planet, just the city above the lower plain. Look at the trams. Rails that ran in circular spirals. Cars that looked for all the world like mine cars but full of people. Mobs in the streets. Mobs! Not riots. Just Psychlos.

You ever see so many beings? Even in such a tiny size one could see mobs!
They were daunted.
They compared it to their own towns, even to their own ruined cities. These didn't measure up to it at all.
What arrogance to attack anything like that.
They were so awestruck and impressed they hadn't even been looking at the transshipment rig of Psychlo. They missed the beginning and had to track back.

They adjusted the projector lens and position to get the transshipment platform of Psychlo more centered and enlarged.
And then they saw the whole sequence, just as it had occurred right after Jonnie and Windsplitter had raced across the Earth platform.

First, there were the Psychlo workers racing out to leave the platform clear for the incoming semiannual from Earth. There were flatbeds lined up to receive coffins and personnel.
There was the first shimmer of arrival of the Psychlos Jonnie and Windsplitter had knocked down.
Then a small puff.
There were the Psychlo workmen flinching back.
A force screen had gone on! A dome over the platform had closed instantly to contain that small explosion. It could not have been an atmosphere armor cable. Some sort of shimmering, sparkling screen. Transparent but very much there.

Trucks had time to start up before anything else occurred. One huge emergency truck had lunged nearer the platform, evidently to handle the minor blast. A whole minute went by.
Then the first lethal coffin exploded!
A big âoeplanet busterâ nuclear bomb, nestled into a bed of dirty mines.
The force screen held.

The holocaust was contained. The boiling, ferocious blast had not even bulged the screen.
Then another shock as the second coffined âoeplanet busterâ went off.
The screen held! Good lord, what technology to build a screen like that. What power it must take to hold it.
Another shock inside that dome. The third planet buster. It and all its ancient, very dirty atomic bombs. The screen held.

Psychlos were racing toward it from far off. Those near the platform were flattened by concussion transmitting through the screen.
The fourth contained bomb went off. The screen still held.
But the transmitted concussion had hurled the emergency truck backward. Nearby buildings lost their glass.
The ground was shaking as though hit by gigantic earthquakes.

A nearby building suddenly dropped downward as though sucked from below. Other buildings began to go the same way.
The fifth bomb went off!
And seen in slow motion, first narrowly, then more broadly, the entire scene went into a churning, boiling mass of atomic fire.
No, something more! Molten, flaming fire was erupting in spots all over the plain.
They widened the angle quickly.
The whole Imperial City of Psychlo was sinking and all about it sprayed up rolling oceans of molten fire.
The circular trams, the mobs, the buildings, and even the towering cliffs were drowning in a tumult of liquid, yellow-green flame.
They hastily widened the view.

And they saw the entire planet of Psychlo turn into a radioactive sun!

The recording ended. They sat limp. âoeMy god,â said Angus.
Jonnie felt a little sick. Psychlos or not, he had just watched the end product of all their planning and risk a year ago, and he was hit with a feeling of guilt. It was not easy to take responsibility for that much destruction.
He had thought the bombs would wipe out the company headquarters and perhaps the imperial City. But they had created a new sun.
âoeWhat happened?â said Angus.

Jonnie looked at his feet. âoeI pulled ten tabs out of those coffins. We didn't want to set a time fuse and then have them go off on Earth. We knew the bombs were a bit contaminated. Had radiation leaks. They were old and their cases were old. We handled them in radiation suits.â

He made a dropping gesture with his hand. "In the fight, I dropped the fuse tabs on the platform. I forgot them. They must have been slightly radioactive, and when they hit the Psychlo platform, they made a small puff of explosion. They are what caused the minor recoil last year.
âoeThey triggered the force screen on Psychlo that the Chamcos mentioned. And that force screen was good enough and strong enough to contain the blasts.

âoeI read in a book Char had that the crust of Psychlo is riddled with abandoned mine shafts and tunnels, a complete sieve. They call it semicore mining. The blasts went down. One after another they pounded deeper and deeper toward the molten core of Psychlo.
âoeThe fifth explosion penetrated the core. The next five exploded in that.
âoeI think all a nuclear weapon does is simulate a chain reaction into existence. And in addition to blowing out the planet crust, the fusion continued. And is probably still going on and may well go on for millions of years.
"Psychlo is no longer a planet. It 's a flaming sun!â

Angus nodded. âoeAnd all the transshipment rigs in the whole Psychlo empire, keeping schedule, not knowing about it, fired into that radioactive sun and blew themselves to bits!â
Jonnie nodded, a bit spent. âoeJust like we did in Denver a year later.â He shuddered. "Terl fired himself into a holocaust. Poor Terl.â

That's what it took to yank Angus out of it. âoePoor Terl! After all the rotten things the demon did? Jonnie, I sometimes wonder about you. You can be cool as ice and then all of a sudden you come out with something like 'poor Terl'!'
âoeIt would be an awful way to die,â said Jonnie.

Angus straightened up. âoeWell!â he said just like he had popped up out of a dive in the lake. "Psychlo is gone! The empire is gone! And that's one thing we don't have to worry about anymore! Good riddance!â

Comment: Not quite... (Score 1) 121

In the book, teleporters all check in with the homeworld at a set date to send back ore and to replenish their atmosphere, food and workforce stock.
As there is no hyperspace communication or FTL travel, once the Psychlo world gets turned into a "radioactive sun", everyone just keeps checking in, one at a time, and blowing themselves up.

To clear up...
Not every planet got turned into a sun. That happens only to the main planet which had that special breathing-gas of theirs which reacted violently to uranium.
On other planets, only their central mining camps around the teleporting platforms explode - with all their remaining supplies of atmosphere and food.
Which they can only get from their home planet.

Comment: The book IS better... (Score 2) 121

You just have to read it early enough... Like when you're 11-14.
Old enough to be interested in SciFi beyond simple space opera but not yet learned enough to be repelled by bad or pulpy writing. Though Hubbard sorta-kinda covered his ass there by claiming in-universe that the book was intentionally written that way.

E.g. On the inside cover of my library copy someone wrote "money is an idea backed with confidence".
Someone found that information so novel and fascinating, they had to write it down.
On the inside cover of the book they've read it from.

Just try imagining what could someone write on the inside of the DVD case of the movie.

Also, the book is full of some really fine pulpy action and adventure.
And it even manages to make negotiations and CONTRACTS exciting.
The movie literally put me to sleep first (and only) time I saw it.
Plus, the book is not dumb enough to have them flying harriers and raiding Fort Knox and doing all other nonsense which was not in the book.

Later though... One might find the book even more fascinating, but in a different way.
Like how much it echoes stories intentionally written to be a satire of an ultra-right pulp fairytale.
All of it clearly without the author realizing how steeped in those ideas his writing was.

Comment: Missing the forest for the trees... (Score 1) 854

by denzacar (#49692239) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

Though, entertainingly, PP is close to the mark - and then he goes on the whole "Christians are being persecuted" tangent which is pure nonsense.

But he got the opening line right:

We live in a world of empiricism, where the concepts of faith and religion are - if not outright mocked and denigrated - are under constant pressure.

Which again proves that the truth is subversive.
Yes, we do live in a world of empiricism - because that's how the world is, whether we like it or not.
And such world will always put concepts of faith and religion under pressure. Just like it puts everything else under pressure.
It's only that PP finds the reality expressed in that sentence threatening.

I'll digress for a moment... I want to show a familiar example to point out something.
Remember how in "Godfather 2", Fredo tells Michael's son, Anthony, about a "secret" for catching fish?
How he'd always say a "Hail Mary" when throwing the line and he, out of all the kids, would catch the most fish.
Then later, we see him still doing that just before he gets "taken out" by Michael's assassin, Neri. SPOILERS!

Now, that's a '70s movie, done by a Catholic. Not very "observant" as he puts it himself, but still very "religious".
So, that is not "Fredo the idiot" - that is "Fredo the unloved child, becoming a traitor out of unrequited love and childlike innocence". And John Cazale pulled that off perfectly.

Today, that SAME character would be someone with mental issues.
Someone who does not understand the world around him, with that story hinting not at his childlike innocence but at his childlike mental capacities.

That's the '70s.
Showing that by then even for a religious Catholic director something like saying a prayer before every action that you feel is up to chance is something that only a child or someone as innocent as child might do.
An adult doing that... That's someone who's a bit iffy. One way or the other.
Cause Fredo sure as hell has issues. He's not an idiot... but he has emotional issues written all over him.

Compare that to Barry Pepper's Private Jackson in "Saving Private Ryan", praying for "true aim" and "victory in battle".
Which feels completely in character AND not disparaging at all. It feels like something that a young man might do in the war, during 1940s.
And nobody invented that prayer - he's quoting Psalms.

Which are basically a collection of ready-made prayers for various "troubles" one might find themselves in, and for saying "thanks god" for being delivered from them.
There are like 150 specific ways to cry "HELP GOD!" and to say "Thanks god!" just there.
Same thing with all those saints, protectors and patrons of this and that, and their corresponding amulets.
Or with all those relics of various saints, apostles, pieces of "true cross" etc.
Or with all the gods in Hinduism, or all the kami in Shintoism.
For everything out there that may harm or benefit one's existence and/or circumstances - there is a prayer, an amulet, a saint, a kami, a god...

But none of them deal with empirically provable aspects of the thing they are supposed to be influencing.
There is no "make sure that fire has flames" god or amulets - though there are dozens of fire-gods.
Or a kami you could pray to "to make water wet". Though there is a water kami.
Or an amulet with a saint whose job it was to make sure that apples are apples and not oranges. Though there is a saint of apple orchards - St. Charles Borromeo.
There is even a "fear of mice" saint - St. Gertrude of Nivelles.

Because, when you DON'T LIVE IN AN EMPIRICAL WORLD, when you live instead in a "Demon Haunted World" - you need a protector, an amulet, a prayer for everything.
Whatever it is you're not certain of, be it fish biting on a particular day or bullets hitting their target - just use the right amulet or prayer and shift odds in your favor.
If it works you got the blessing of your deity/saint/kami - if not... ask for forgiveness. And just imagine what could have happened HAD YOU NOT prayed.

By inventing all those demons and gods, men was thus able to stay in control of the uncontrollable events in his life.
Beg for mercy and should it not work, beg for forgiveness. Problem(s) solved. ALL of them.

Until science and technology became reliable enough and advanced enough that all those demons and saints stopped mattering.
As their disciplines which became irrelevant were replaced by technology and science which didn't need saints or magic to work.
There are several saints who deal with wolves and hunters - but no saints of guns. Though some are trying to jam a gun into one of their long cold and dead hands.
There is no "elevator prayer". Or an amulet to prevent your soda/beer can from spilling when you open it.
Or the saint of Internet or the WiFi and radio kami. Faith in god(s) won't get you a better mobile signal.

Cause when all things around you work on powers you understand and according to laws of science that you don't even have to understand for them to work - that eats away at the need for supernatural forces.
Most people being flown on airplanes may not understand aerodynamics, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who believes that they are being carried by angels or jinns in employ of their particular airline.
How would passengers on a plane today react to a pilot who crosses himself and says a prayer before takeoff?
You know... Like Fredo or Private Jackson did. For additional entertainment, imagine the pilot being a Muslim.

Faith in old "tools" for dealing with uncertainty, like prayers, gods and amulets is, by the very nature of the modern world which functions on the rules of technology and science, being replaced by TRUST in the technology and science.
With an added bonus that not only is there no punishment for not trusting science (unlike the built in punishment for the lack of faith) - the science itself DEMANDS that you question it.
And if you do prove it wrong - you just end up with more science.
Whereas if you prove faith wrong... there's nothing but a silly fairytale.

It is an unfair fight where one side always wins and the other must lose. No wonder PP feels that religion is being "pressured".
Cause it is. By the reality of the world and its "empiricism".

Comment: Not normal male - normal HUMAN behavior. (Score 5, Insightful) 950

The "conclusions" of "abnormal behavior" were made from observations that kids would rather be at home playing instead of sitting in a class AND from the fact that young humans will seek sexual satisfaction but avoid rejection.

That sounds like something a ROBOT might find strange.
Not a human being. Particularly not one who actually went through puberty at some point in their life.

In short... like most psychology studies out there, this too is most probably bullshit.

Comment: Re:Hate for Uber (Score 1) 132

by denzacar (#49639133) Attached to: Voting With Dollars: Politicians and Their Staffers Roll With Uber

"Is giving rides to
others somehow requires a different skill set than
driving yourself?"

None at all.
That's why I always argue that school busses should be replaced with kids just hitchiking to school and back.

Same goes for all other cases wher one needs to be driven somewhere safely and on time.
Any random stranger with a car will do.

Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward.