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Comment: Here's the ultimate hack for that. (Score 1) 180

by denzacar (#48462219) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal


That's it. Game over. Every game ever. I just won them all. Even "Thermonuclear War".
See, computer screen says so. Go me!
You are free to stop thinking about it now.
Cause I just won them all.
With my clever hack.

"Hacking" gameplay is bending and breaking rules. Not playing the game. Playing outside of it.
Real life comparison would be winning like Tonya Harding - by clubbing your opponents outside of the game.
She just got a bot to hack her opponent's rig and downgrade her abilities a little.
Stupid bitch didn't know I won at skating too.

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by denzacar (#48457535) Attached to: In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars

1. Outside rush hour, the demand for cars will be low. So there'll be a glut of people trying to make money from selling rides, and prices will be low.

Ergo, the most profitable solution is to get many cars and have them driving people around 24/7.

That's not the point where car owners buy more cars.
That's the point where someone figures out that they could make a killing if they keep the prices so low that it is not worth it for 1 car owners to play in that field.
And if the price is so low... and cars are always available... what's the point of owning one, right?

We're not talking the price of a taxi ride either. We're talking bus fare. For a taxi ride.

2. I drive a car precisely so I don't have to share it with other people coughing and pissing and vomiting in it.

Ergo, you're not sharing it with anyone.
And being self-driving, they can zoom back to the base for cleaning should someone vomit inside (and be charged for it) and be back on the street in 15 minutes.

3. What's the car going to do when no-one else is renting it? Just drive around randomly, burning up fuel? Park at the side of the road, being charged for parking?

Same thing taxis do. Well... not exactly.

IF there are cycles of use and non-use where it is worth to take most of the fleet off the street, that's actually beneficial.
You can PLAN around cycles.
Have your 10000 - 50000 car fleet recharging (remember, this only works with electric cars - fossil fuel cars would make Beijing air look like a breath of crisp mountain breeze) and cleaning at the base during that time.
And no drivers also means that you can stack them like sardines in automated garages.

And they don't have to be huge towers. A news stand is 4-5 cars stacked on top of each other.
Up to 10 if they are 2-seaters with two trunks (like Teslas). Remove the trunks for even more transport pods stacked at each corner.
You only use half the space of a taxi as a passenger now.

As for fuel burning... We're heading face first into a single purchase energy world.
I.e. Electricity WILL be for free after the initial investment in the generator. Think buying a home instead of renting a room in a hotel. THAT big of a difference.
Storage and transportation of electricity will cost money. I.e. Batteries and the use of grids and chargers.
Burning fuel will not be an issue.
All cost will be in the installation and the maintenance of the grid - which is what the owner of those cars would be selling for profit to the riders of their cars.

Right now a taxi is selling you fuel and the workforce of a driver.
If you make one free (i.e. renewable) and the other a piece of software - the only thing remaining to sell is maintenance.
Or the lack of it.

I.e. Selling a hassle free transportation from A to B.
Never think of licenses, price of gas, winter tires, speeding tickets, parking, paying attention to the road... You could be asleep on your way to work. Or on your way home. You literally get hours of life handed to you each day.
Plus, the whole thing being automated, you don't get into traffic jams. Or miss a green light.

Hans Rosling has a talk about washing machines liberating women.
A driverless car would liberate the modern human the same way.
We're literally wasting decades of life just sitting, and staring in the distance while gripping the wheel.
At best, we're listening to the radio idiots and commercials.

The years we could get back would not just be free again, but BETTER.
There's a reason rich people hire chauffeurs for driving around and only driving by themselves for fun.
Cause unless you're doing it for fun - it's a waste of time and a hassle.
Like walking to a store and taking a walk in the park.

You like driving? Great! Now you get more time to do it RIGHT and more money to spend on RIGHT cars.
Wanna drive a Ferrari on the weekends? Then don't buy a Ford for driving - be driven around for a pittance.

Comment: The "missing" link is a very short chain. (Score 1) 453

by denzacar (#48443911) Attached to: In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars

How long does it take for people to realize that their car could be making them money whenever they are not driving it?
Like Uber but without actually having to drive people around by yourself.

How long after that do they realize that the most profitable solution is to get many cars and have them driving people around 24/7?

How long after that until the people realize that they don't actually need the car - after all, how many of them are renting their living space already without owning it?

Where it won't work like that right away? Rural areas and small towns.
I.e. Places where there are not enough people to keep cars driving around 24/7 and maintenance costs per capita are higher.
Until someone realizes that there is money to be made in being the only game in town in a place like that.
Probably the same person who is already the only game in town regarding cars - be it selling them or servicing them with fuel.

Also, it's a practical impossibility as long as the cars are running on fossil fuels.
Unless you somehow get the people to breathe exhaust fumes instead of air.

Comment: Re:wont last (Score 1) 284

then insist they honor the contract?

Should they fail.... bring it to court

Who "they"?
Is "they" Amazon?

If so, from my personal experience in dealing with returns of damaged items and refunds for rather costly postage (more than the value of the items), your claim will be forwarded to their customer support somewhere in India.
Then it becomes a waiting and an e-mail game.
Then you get a refund.

I've actually had a case where they would refund me a wrong sum, first a completely unrelated smaller one to which I complained, then a complete sum they owed me.
Then I had to remind them that they've overpaid the return, to which they replied "Meh, just keep it."

All you have to do is be persistent and courteous. And you need to have a reason for your claim.

Comment: No gadget required. Or eyes. Or mouth... (Score 4, Informative) 106

by denzacar (#48407887) Attached to: NYC To Replace Most of Its Payphones With Free Gigabit WiFi In 2015

Key Features

24/7 free Internet access with up to gigabit speeds
Integrated lighting
Digital displays to provide insight-driven and intelligently programmed advertising & public service announcements
Android tablet with touch screen display, directional speaker & microphone
Tactile keypad & Braille lettering, dedicated 911 button, USB charger, headphone jack

Iconic and durable aluminum construction designed and built in NYC
Sleek design and decreased footprint to restore sidewalk space and improve visual continuity

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This is people trying to do something productive about it.

This is people trying to do something they BELIEVE will be favorable to their PERSONAL idea of a solution to their PERSONAL idea and PERCEPTION of a problem they PERCEIVE.

I.e. It is about as productive as me buying a large quantity of mice traps and positioning them at "strategic locations" around my home because I believe that my neighbor is spying on me with the help of trained mice. Which I know cause I've noticed that he does not particularly like cats.

An obsessive-compulsive action performed because "something has to be done" to fix a PERCEIVED aspect of a potential problem.
Which, even should the problem turn out to be real, is still a mere case of "ANY action is better than inaction".
Be it that my neighbor really is spying on me - or that Sweden has a clear and present problem of rampant sexism which requires warning labels on works of fiction, entertainment and art.

After all, "parental advisory" stickers on works of fiction, entertainment and art REALLY were necessary AND they have both reduced the exposure of youth to "inappropriate material" AND have either reduced or completely eliminated whatever it was that was poisoning the minds of the youth.
Which is clearly visible in the higher quality of humans born and raised since 1990.
They are simply better.


Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games 639

Posted by samzenpus
from the including-everyone dept.
An anonymous reader writes A government-funded agency in Sweden is considering creating special labels for video games based on whether or not the games' portrayals of women are sexist. From the article: "Avoiding sexism and gender stereotypes in video games produced in Sweden will become a key goal for the association, which has been given a 272,000 kronor ($36,672) grant by Sweden's government-funded innovation agency, Vinnova. Inspired by the Bechdel test, which looks at whether fictional films or books feature at least two women talking about a topic other than men, Dataspelsbranchen will work with several game developers to analyze how Swedish video games portray female characters and gender issues.

Entrepreneur Injects Bitcoin Wallets Into Hands 77

Posted by timothy
from the heirs-are-not-amused dept.
wiredmikey writes A Dutch entrepreneur has had two microchips containing Bitcoin injected into his hands to help him make contactless payments. The chips, enclosed in a 2mm by 12mm capsule of "biocompatible" glass, were injected using a special syringe and can communicate with devices such as Android smartphones or tablets via NFC. "What's stored on the microchips should be seen as a savings account rather than a current account," Martijn Wismeijer, co-founder of MrBitcoin said. "The payment device remains the smartphone, but you transfer funds from the chips." The chips are available on the Internet, sold with a syringe for $99, but Wismeijer suggested individuals should find a specialist to handle the injection to avoid infections.

Comment: Sadly I've learned that THAT is often not true. (Score 1) 834

by denzacar (#48378173) Attached to: How To End Online Harassment

Not talking about the case at hand.
Just in general, as the comment separating the issue into idiots and non-idiots generalizes.

Sadly, you can have both idiots and non-idiots aligned with various sides of any issue, all of which in conflict with other sides of said issue.
I.e. You don't have to be wrong to have idiots on your side and non-idiots against you. And vice versa.

Humans are non-rational actors who value and cherish both rationality and factuality (logic, reason, knowledge) AND irrationality and delusion (feelings, fantasy and straight up cognitive fallacies).
We are walkin-talkin cognitive dissonance machines - and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Cause that would be either robots or... evil.

Comment: Re:Wow! (Score 1) 834

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That was the parent's point when he wrote "You poor, pathetic straight white male. It must be terrible for you. I shed a tear. *sob*

Is your telepathy a genetic thing or a technological advancement I haven't heard of?
If the latter, I'd like me one of those.
So I too can argue by ad hominem when someone questions the logic or intellectual dishonesty of something I like.

I.e. Replying by guessing what someone meant, calling people sad and... pretending to be a priest? Was that last one supposed to insinuate a moral authority? From clergy?
All while not addressing the non-argumentation and ad hominems of OP's comment with anything more than "It's OK to use slurs and discrimination if I think that slurs are correct and that the discrimination does not exist. For I know who sins and who is pure."

On second thought... You can keep your telepathy helmet. It clearly doesn't work.

Comment: Re:misogynists on the intarwebz? WHAT U SAY? (Score 1) 834

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There are only two sides and all idiots are on one side only?

Not from my outsider's view on what can only be described as a "crying while jerking off over a first world problem contest".

Just the social justice warriors and 4DLULZ-trolls alone are pretty distinct factions, followed by the "not your shield" brigade and whatever the social justice warriors against social justice warriors are calling themselves.
Also, where are the innocent bystanders and people who don't really give a fuck but still get bombarded with the issue - like me?

"Why can't we ever attempt to solve a problem in this country without having a 'War' on it?" -- Rich Thomson, talk.politics.misc