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Comment: Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 101

by KGIII (#49779439) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

I do not believe in God but I have no problem with the concept. Your comment made me think, though...

If particles can be in more than one place and controlled simply by measuring or observing them then could we humans have, perhaps, created a God? The whole thing about the statistical chances of this being an accident is interesting but not a part of this. By worshiping a deity could humans have created a deity? It seems unlikely but, well, who knows? I think it would make an interesting science fiction plot...

Comment: Re:EMACS IS THE WAY (Score 1) 147

by KGIII (#49779327) Attached to: Why PowerPoint Should Be Banned

I had a sixth grade teacher who had an overhead projector (get off my lawn) that had a handle so you could put a roll of clear projector stuff on it and scroll through it. He tended to use the same scroll from year to year and MAYBE make a small notation or update to them. Unfortunately the only thing he taught well was mathematics. However, it was like PP in many ways. He did use it better than most use PP today but I think that is because he had memorized all of the 'scrolls of sixth grade knowledge, one each' and that was what you got.

Comment: Re:Comedy gold (Score 1) 101

by Black Parrot (#49779235) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

4300 years ago...

I guess the Sixth Dynasty of Old Kingdom Egypt didn't notice they got washed away, and went on building their pyramids like nothing had happened.

And Sargon must have clung to the side of the ark - or snuck on disguised as a dinosaur - so he could get back to building his empire as soon as the ground dried out.

I reckon the author is better at manipulating reality than he is at manipulating search results.

Comment: Re:Please stop Elon. (Score 1) 201

by KGIII (#49779195) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

And you have no idea what a Classic Libertarian is. Note the capitalization and even Wikipedia should help you out on this one. Liberty is neither anarchy nor is it regurgitated Republican ideals. We live in a society, we must maintain that to ensure our own survival. Placing liberties into a communal pot to ensure freedoms (the two words do not mean the same thing) to provide a more accessible society is a given. Anarchy and ignorant Republicans co-opting the name (not all Republicans, just the ignorant ones) are both childish and unable to be function effectively so long as there are humans on the planet. You can not have pure Communism, pure Socialism, pure any *ism so long as there are humans involved.

  I am free to kill you. I am not at liberty to do so.

Comment: Re:*Sniffles* (Score 1) 82

by KGIII (#49779127) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

Technically my first was RedHat and I could not get that fucker to install properly on any machine. Every. Single. One... The monitor would never work - multiple different monitors. It worked during the install process, damn it... I paid for that disk too! Mandrake is the first one that, well, just worked. I had used Sun before it but that was UNIX.

Comment: Re: How sad (Score 1) 82

by KGIII (#49779109) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

Dumb question time...

Does anyone recall the distro that had a game you could play during installation of the OS? You were a penguin who slid on their belly down through the snow and had to avoid objects and go through the gates like a slalom skier... My brain has seemingly fried that synapses. I can not recall which distro it was... It was not Mandrake which would have been the name at the time as this predates the Mandriva renaming/rebranding.

Opera spell-check wanted to change Mandriva to Mandrake. I am amused.

Comment: Re:I used it decades ago (Score 1) 82

by KGIII (#49779065) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

I am downloading it now. I will see how it goes. I have a PC about a year old that I am not sure why I bought it (I think the i7 and 16GB of RAM for something silly like $400 was the reason - stupid NewEgg making me buy silly things I do not need) but it has never had an OS on it at all - it has never even been plugged in - so I think it will suit for a test. I should journal my results and I may but I may be too lazy for that.

Comment: Re:The name didn't help. (Score 1) 82

by KGIII (#49778991) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

Since the early day of Mandrake I have had Mandrake/Mandriva as my favorite distro. It is sad to see it go but this is not surprising. One thing I noticed was that their site had been very difficult to navigate in the last few years and their attempts to monetize was crude, at best. These two things are not the reason they went out of business but I do not think they helped in any way. They were my favorite. I am hoping someone forks and continues the project.

Comment: Re:Time for a change? (Score 1) 201

by KGIII (#49778957) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

I feel like I owe an additional explanation...

I am an atheist and a Buddhist. The two are perfectly compatible.

I observed people coming into the area, "from away," that bought up large portions of property. This property has been used for hunting, fishing, and recreation for years by the local populace. They ignored this culture and marked the land as private with the appropriate legal signage and the likes... I find this deplorable and against the laws of humankind.

I have another post in this area if you refresh. It was in response to an AC (I do not mind but my comments are my own and I own them so I do not submit as an AC) and it may fill in some details if you are curious.

Also, I had not noticed your signature. I can see why you would agree with my beliefs about property. Legally I own the property. Given the size and my inability to possible have to use all of it for private matters it is against the moral laws to disallow access. While I may own it I do not have the moral right to block others from utilizing it in a responsible manner. I do not even mind (it happens a lot more than I expected but not enough to matter) if folks come in and harvest some trees (responsibly) if they are in a situation where they would be cold without them. Good forestry is good for the land, the animals, and the environment in general.

Comment: Re:Time for a change? (Score 1) 201

by KGIII (#49778841) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

Scholarship and tuition abatement (I can not think of another term) were my friend. My parents still paid, a lot for them - my father, the primary wage earner, was a career Marine and an occifer (NCO) so we were not exactly rich but we were not hungry either. I was able to attend because of the age difference between my elder siblings and I - they were out of the house when I entered middle school. Unfortunately it meant I spent a long time away from my family (they owned property in the area which is how I ended up there) but it meant I actually got to learn things that I would not have learned going from school to school to school. Some bases had schools on them but did not have a standardized education shared among them and sometimes it was a public school that I attended.

I must admit, having a private ice arena and alpine ski slope (and cross-country trails) was a nice benefit but having our own observatory was simply awesome when I was that age. There is now a technology scholarship that one can apply for and a handful of kids can go for anywhere from zero tuition (room and board applies still) to half tuition coverage depending on financial need. If you have kids along the lines and with the aptitude I strongly suggest looking into it. I am absolutely positive that the creator of said scholarship/trust would be honored to have a /.ers child take advantage of the opportunity. The school has changed a great deal (including an almost new replacement ice arena and an updated chair lift for the ski slope - it was a tow rope back in the day) but they still concentrate on academics and are a very good school. They have no rifle or pistol clubs now and one can not bring a firearm to school - even if it is locked in the headmaster's safe when not in use.

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