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+ - Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator->

Submitted by Lasrick
Lasrick writes: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has launched a very cool new tool that will thrill energy wonks and anyone interested in understanding the per kilowatt cost of nuclear energy. Developed over the last two years in a partnership between the Bulletin and the University of Chicago, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator estimates the cost of electricity produced by three configurations of the nuclear fuel cycle:

1. The once-through fuel cycle used in most US nuclear power plants, in which uranium fuel is used once and then stored for later disposal.; 2. A limited-recycle mode in which a mix of uranium and plutonium (that is, mixed oxide, or MOX) is used to fuel a light water reactor; 3. A full-recycle system, which uses a fast neutron spectrum reactor that can be configured to “breed” plutonium that can subsequently be used as either nuclear fuel or weapons material.

This online tool lets users test how sensitive the price of electricity is to a full range of components—more than 60 parameters that can be adjusted for the three configurations of the nuclear fuel cycle considered. The results provide nuanced cost assessments for the reprocessing of nuclear fuel and can serve as the basis for discussions among government officials, industry leaders, and public interest groups.

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+ - The Artificial Pancreas for Diabetics Is Nearly Here ->

Submitted by the_newsbeagle
the_newsbeagle writes: It's the tech that type 1 diabetics have long been waiting for: An implanted "closed-loop" system that monitors a person's blood-sugar level and adjusts injections from an insulin pump. Such a system would liberate diabetics from constant self-monitoring and give parents of diabetic children peace of mind. Thanks to improvements in glucose sensors and control algorithms, the first artificial pancreas systems are now in clinical trials.
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+ - KFC suing Chinese marketeers over false rumors->

Submitted by mi
mi writes: KFC — China's largest restaurant operator — filed a lawsuit in Shanghai Xuhui District People's Court against three companies in China, whose social media accounts spread false claims about its food, including that its chickens are "genetically modified" to have six wings and eight legs. KFC is demanding 1.5 million yuan ($242,000) and an apology from each of three companies that operated accounts on the popular mobile phone app WeChat. It is also seeking an immediate stop to their infringements.

In the past Internet marketers have been convicted of trying to manipulate online sentiment on behalf of clients by posting false information about competitors or deleting critical posts.

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+ - Slashdot Burying Stories About Slashdot Media Owned SourceForge-> 1

Submitted by KMSelf
KMSelf writes: DICE-owned Slashdot are burying stories over DICE-owned SourceForge taking over admi accounts for existing projects and injecting adware into installers.

As a Slashdotter since before logins and registrations, this is simply pathetic.

As Dan Luu writes:"I’m amazed at how quickly it’s possible to destroy user trust, and how much easier it is to destroy a brand than to create one."


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Comment: What I have (Score 1) 484

by denisbergeron (#49553255) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

It's a Samsung Note 3. I didn't install 3rd parties utilities. I mostly use Samsung and Google software. I stream on my chromcast without problem.

Before this I had a S3, same good performance. I change it because of a broked usb port (don't buy cheap cable.) anyway I installed QI wireless charging... best thing to do.

My son have a Samsung ace 100$ with 1 mounth service from Walmart. not fast, but no problem so far.

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