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Comment: What I have (Score 1) 445

by denisbergeron (#49553255) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

It's a Samsung Note 3. I didn't install 3rd parties utilities. I mostly use Samsung and Google software. I stream on my chromcast without problem.

Before this I had a S3, same good performance. I change it because of a broked usb port (don't buy cheap cable.) anyway I installed QI wireless charging... best thing to do.

My son have a Samsung ace 100$ with 1 mounth service from Walmart. not fast, but no problem so far.

Comment: Starbuck II Holstein Cattle (Score 1) 172

In Canada the hypermale Starbuck clone was create from Starbuck the more prolific semen donor in history, the semen of the clone was illegal in Canada (article in french) the funny part hs semens is legal in USA.

By the way the Starbuck name was use as a title of a Canadian film that was remake in the USA under the name of Delivery Man . think of that the next time you put milk in your coffee.

Comment: Pizza delivery (Score 1) 230

by denisbergeron (#49188163) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?

I can pay my cab and my pizza delivery with my phone and my credit card, but not my Notary or my psy ;-) I need check. In my distophian future, I will need spare change to pay my pepsi machine, credit card for my gas, bus card for my bus commute, check for my psy, cell phone for the grocery, ....

hope somehow in the future somebody will find a way to have only one paiement system...

Comment: Problems are (Score 2) 251

by denisbergeron (#48916197) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Medium For Personal Archive?

The first problem, you don't said how long you want to preserve the data without transfering it on another support!
Because, the longer you don't use the support the more you have these problems :
with HDD, the mechanical part, even when not used risk to jam. Happen for me to a HDD stored in a safe in a Bank
with SDD and other flash drive, especially when not in use, the data (electric / magnetic gate) evaporates
With opticalDisk, except some old cd made in real gold, the data will fade aways is in contact with light.
with magnetics tape, the problem will be the same as the flash drive, the magnetics elements will evaporates.

And with all these technologies, you will need the hardware to read and connect them.

You today are able to find a computer with a 8 inches floppy drive or even a 8 inches floppy drive or a computer that have the ide connector to connect the 8 or 5 inches floppy drive ?

My solution, is to backup and copy often. I transfert my backup support every year or two to a new kind of backup support. First tape and CD, then DVD, then BR, Then HDD, this year TB SSD are cheap enough to be in my near vision for the next backup. And I keep my older backup.

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