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Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 2) 336

by Denis Bergeron (#45946833) Attached to: New Home Automation?
Maybe he have 10 children. I was raised in a house of over 4000 sq ft.,with 6 people, my mother having 2 art business in the house, myself having a photo lab. one of my brother doing mecanics, another one electronic, 4000 sq ft, is not enough when you do something with it, not everyone are using they house only for sleeping.

Comment: HD from Low-Res (Score 1) 103

by Denis Bergeron (#45809341) Attached to: CSI Style Zoom Sees Faces Reflected In Subjects' Eyes
Everytime i came across a stories like this one, I remember a story here on Slashdot a long time ago, maybe in another time-space continuum, before 2001, maybe in 1999, about someone optical searcher in MIT who can create very HD images from staking multiple lowres image from a movie camera. This software was open source and I try it with y own images from small sony handycam with great result. I try to find reference to this software and research without any succes since. and I obvioulsy don't have the sftware anymore. Pretty sure is on NSA desk now.

+ - Kodak is out uf business officially->

Submitted by Denis Bergeron
Denis Bergeron (2884689) writes "Kodak, the company that stayed it all is officially bankrupt. Kodak that was the first camera company and also the one that do high production of consumer goods is something of the past.

From the article:"The Kodak planning to exit from bankruptcy on September 3rd looks very different from the familiar imaging company that filed for Chapter 11 last year. The U.S. Bankruptcy court has approved Kodak's plan for reorganization (...)With approval of the bankruptcy plan, itsPersonal Imaging business, which includes kiosks and production of Kodak film, will now be sold to UK employees' pension plan""

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