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Comment No, it's about Legislated Famine (Score 1) 320

Once you plant GM crops and their genes spill over to non-GM crops, Monsanto will lay claim to the non-GM seeds and sue the farmer to death.

When all non-GM seeds end up with genes from Monsanto's GM crops, Monsanto will own the legal right to the food chain.

You can't pay, you starve.

Comment How much $ is MS making off all this snooping OS? (Score 2) 308

MS seems to be bending over backwards to has this OS installed everywhere for FREE.

No Corp does anything for free.

e.g. Lenovo is probably getting getting paid by the Chinese Gov. for its info.

Has anyone "Followed the money" ?

Comment We have those Surfaces, loads of trouble.[serious] (Score 3, Insightful) 74

At work we keep getting Surface-only issues:
-Surface-Specific updates that won't stick
-BT-gadget not connecting on Surface
-Apps that works well except on Surface.

This both Surface 2 and Surface 3. WTF MS! This is supposed to be your flagship device!

I was sitting on the fence on getting one myself because they look well built until the Snoop-dates. That was the last straw for me.
At home, I'm moving on to Mint or something else.

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