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Comment: Re:Useless (Score 1) 130

by denis-The-menace (#49821767) Attached to: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails

It's worst than that.
What stop FB from making a client that encrypts local but sends the private key to the NSA?

Susie might not like Iran's PM but what if she hate the next POTUS? What if she wants to protest a future POTUS' plans to start a war? Susie's not going to be able to exercise her rights.

Comment: Why do all cars now have a proprietary tablet? (Score 1) 229

Why do all cars now have a proprietary tablet in the dash?
These tablets are so integrated that they cost the car manufacturer big $ and the customer even more.

Why not use a stock android or iPad tablet and create a custom app to talk wirelessly to the car?

The best laid plans of mice and men are held up in the legal department.