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Comment: Replace Cisco, and Akamai and then maybe.. (Score 4, Interesting) 212

Replace Cisco, and Akamai and then maybe I'll be convinced it's better than the current situation. But it's still oxymoronic service: A central authority that *REQUIRES* trust for people who don't trust anybody.

And what do you do for countries with draconian Cert laws like England? (They want a copy of your root cert)

The resulting entity would have to be incorporated in Iceland or something. FAR away from 5-eye's dragnets.

Comment: Re:I thought rare earths were not that rare (Score 1) 62

"Newer designs usually avoid the Pa removal[2] and send less salt to reprocessing, which reduces the required size and costs for the chemical separation.It also avoids proliferation concerns due to high purity U-233 that might be available from the decay of the chemical separated Pa."

Comment: Re:I thought rare earths were not that rare (Score 4, Interesting) 62

There are plenty of Rare Earth mines in the US but they are "Polluted" with Thorium.

In China, they would process the Rare Earth minerals and stockpile the Thorium on the side until they could find a use for it. In the US, that is illegal.

Now China is thinking about using the stockpile of Thorium in LFTR reactors. And guess what, LFTR reactors are illegal too because they are considered "Breeder Reactors".

So why is all this stuff still illegal in the US? The Old-School Nuke industry wants to keep their Dyno-Reactors until they blow up, Literally. It's WAAAY too profitable to be the sole-source for solid reactor fuel.

Hold on to the root.