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Comment: Why do all cars now have a proprietary tablet? (Score 1) 229

Why do all cars now have a proprietary tablet in the dash?
These tablets are so integrated that they cost the car manufacturer big $ and the customer even more.

Why not use a stock android or iPad tablet and create a custom app to talk wirelessly to the car?

Comment: Re:Replicator prototype (Score 1) 132

by denis-The-menace (#49251841) Attached to: New Molecular 3D Printer Can Create Billions of Compounds

Meanwhile in 2016...

(Pharmaceutical IP "owners") Hello, is this Senators-R-Us? We need Laws to lockout major progress in the Pharmaceutical field to keep drug prices insanely high.
(Senators-R-Us) Bla-bla campaign contribution bla bla Super PAC bla bla
(Pharmaceutical IP "owners") uh huh... And how much will that cost us?
(Senators-R-Us) Bla-bla [$Chump_Change]
(Pharmaceutical IP "owners") Sold! Manila envelop or briefcase?
(Senators-R-Us) Bla-bla Super PAC Lawyers Bla-bla. Not fraud until caught.

Comment: could not keep watching it (Score 1) 145

by denis-The-menace (#49189073) Attached to: A Critical Look At CSI: Cyber

I just lost any interest once they used the cheesy flying toilet paper in the wind with Matrix-style print to Cyber-ize stuff. That shit's was ok for kids 20 year ago, not for adults.

The sad thing is I just know they will keep this program on air for its true purpose: Scare the shit out of technophobes so that the government can pass more laws to spy on us.

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