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Comment run and hide (Score 5, Interesting) 288

Unless you wish to become the IT department for your sizeable extended family, don't touch this. The moment you take over patch management is the moment that others (Microsoft, Geek Squad, MS Fixit, etc.) cease being able to fix minor problems when their PCs go goofy.

If you do want to become the IT department, look into Microsoft's Enterprise solutions. They continue to allow personalized patch management there.

Comment Re:That is the problem. (Score 1) 30

The advance notification was extremely useful to me. It allowed us to catalog our use of OpenSSL and to start planning our maintenance. This significantly improved our responsiveness on the 9th.

There needs to be (and is) a disctinction between advance notification and full disclosure. The advisory of July 6th was advance notification. The June 9th advisory has the details you desire. It came out at the same time as the fix.

Comment Scale (Score 4, Informative) 62

To help understand the scale, the cable length is approximately the diameter of the earth (12742 km).

It is also 25-50% longer than the undersea hop for the longest cable paths (NY to London, LA to Sydney, San Francisco to Tokyo, Sao Palo to Gibraltar, etc.). This has the potential to allow electronics to stay on land, where they are easily maintainable and upgradable and with easy access to electricity.

Interesting development, indeed.

Comment Nothing to see... move along. (Score 4, Informative) 180

From the comments below the article....

1) Site was on spamhaus's blacklist.
2) Someone with more exerience than the poster suggested he add SPF records.
3) Poster added SPF records and thanked the other person.
4) Site is no longer on spamhaus's blacklist.

I got tired of reading comments before I figured out if this resolved all the poster's complaints.

Comment upgrade budget (Score 2) 261

Give some sort of budget for workspaces. I may want a bigger screen, while my neighbor may prefer more ram and the other guy may prefer to keep his PC for an extra year so he can have both. A little flexibilty to design what works for ME goes a long way towards keeping me happy. Just be sure to keep it somewhat balanced so that the people not on the favorite team don't feel disenfranchised.

Comment Commuting "on the clock". (Score 1) 386

..."given the choice of spending $30K on a car that they fully control and can go anywhere they want at any speed they want – or another, likely more expensive buggy that will only travel on certain routes at slower speeds and with less options." Which car would you buy?

Today, I spend an hour a day driving to and from work. Being able to work on a laptop and mobile phone as the car drives itself would allow me to punch in and out in my driveway. To me, it is not a question of "which car?", it is a question of if I want the extra hour back in my life or to be paid for working it.

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