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by demonlapin (#47961525) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?
I like CM as much as the next Android fan, but I'm also capable of using Odin or RSD Lite to fix a phone that won't boot if it goes wrong, and CM certainly has variable support for specific models. The thing is, CM users will put up with the odd quirk here or there to get what they want, and if they really need the camera, or Bluetooth, or whatever to work, they'll just go back to a rooted stock image. Manufacturers don't have that luxury.

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There's a straightforward solution for this, a la the English football league balancings: if you keep winning, you get bumped up, and if you keep losing, you get bumped down. Requires an Xbox Live-style central matching mechanism, but it does make griefing less rewarding.

You just have to have a way to keep players at different levels from even seeing each other.

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by demonlapin (#47805419) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos
Privacy is an illusion. If you don't want pictures of your tits online, don't let anyone take pictures of your tits. This applies whether you are a starlet or a Juggalette.

Now the important question: why are Jennifer Lawrence 's tits the headliner when we have photos of Kate Upton's full equipment? Katniss is cute, but she's not an SI swimsuit model.

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By this logic, the Soviet Union should have succeeded, and government corruption should be irrelevant.

Your analysis doesn't allow for deadweight losses or economically unproductive overhead. Some activity is productive. Some isn't, even if it's necessary to allow the productive activity to occur. The more of your economy is spent on nonproductive (or even negatively productive) activity, the weaker it will be. Ideally, you would have nonproductive activities reduced to the point at which they exactly pay for themselves - if they spent more, they would begin to detract from productive activities, and if they spent less, they would be overlooking potential productivity improvements. The more hands money passes through, the more instances of unproductive activity you will have to deal with.

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No one argues that the government does not create specific jobs. The argument is that because the government must get its money from either borrowing or taxes, it is either bidding up the price of money or taking it directly from taxpayers' wallets. In either case, it makes it more difficult for private citizens to do what they want with their money by either increasing the cost of borrowing or directly taking it from them.

In this case, the fact that Congressmen are willing to fight very hard to keep a steady stream of federal money flowing into their districts does not mean that spending that money is a wise idea, nor that the federal government is spending that money in a more job-creating way than the taxpayers from whom it was taken would have.

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... not because they're black. Because they're idiots.

Kinda like the Ashe statue on Monument. The neo-Confederates didn't want to put it up because he was black. The professional complaint class wanted it there because he was. Nobody ever just came out and said to throw it away because it's a fugly piece of shit.

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