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Comment: Re:rack, not dryer (Score 1) 557 557

This is horribly slow in humid climates, adds substantial required area to homes (clothes that are drying can't be packed as densely as those that already are dry), and doesn't account for items normally stored in drawers (e.g., underwear/socks). Viable in Las Vegas, total mess in New York.

Comment: Re:An Icemaker (Score 1) 557 557

The kind he's talking about is part of a refrigerator. And if you want a refrigerator, I can highly recommend the LG LFXS30766S - it is kind of insanely expensive (though timing your purchase can help with that), but it's also the only appliance that was specified in the contract when I sold that house. It's a lot nicer than the Sub-Zero I have now. The door-in-door feature is surprisingly useful (get drinks out of the fridge without opening the whole thing). About the only downside was that the ice storage capacity is limited, but there's an ice tray in the freezer - so let it make a full bin, empty that into the freezer, and repeat once or twice, and you'll have enough extra to handle guests, small parties, etc.

Comment: Re:Low Maintenance (Score 1) 557 557

in most places I've seen, there's no sewer fee, there's only a water fee

Wait, what?

they want the water back, so it can be processed and put back into the system

Oh, you live somewhere that's essentially a desert. Where water is plentiful, water and sewer are usually separate - sprinkler system goes on a separate water meter to avoid sewer charges (which for me are higher than the water charges).

If you're looking for low maintenance alternatives to a yard, fwiw, and you're in USDA zone 7 or higher, Asiatic jasmine will grow under almost any lighting conditions (from full sun to directly under a live oak), and only needs to be cut once a year. Very tolerant of steep slopes, too.

Comment: Re:does hospital hardware hacking count? (Score 1) 258 258

Also: the circuit connector from a 7.0 endotracheal tube can be jammed into the barrel of a 3 cc syringe with the plunger removed. This can be connected via the Luer connector to an IV catheter placed through the cricothyroid membrane (I recommend at least 18ga for adults). Assuming you have a standard Ambu bag or anesthesia machine with oxygen flush valve, this is enough for jet ventilation.

Comment: Re:does hospital hardware hacking count? (Score 1) 258 258

Well, they're just pressure transducers, they don't care what they're transducing. I once did the same to find out what 20 cm H2O actually feels like in the inflation bulb on an endotracheal tube. In the setting you're looking at, mean pressure is all you need - you can just use a falling column of water and a ruler to determine intraabdominal pressure. Or peripheral venous pressures - if you want to measure response to a fluid bolus, PVP is about 4 cm H2O higher than CVP in anyone not morbidly obese, but if you're only looking for the rise to indicate that they are adequately resuscitated, the exact value isn't important).

Comment: Re:suckers (Score 0) 141 141

It's not the industry that provides the product. The entire global economy is dependent on energy inputs, which we have been able to exploit most efficiently since the Industrial Revolution, when we began to be able to use energy sources other than people and animals. CFC's were nasty chemicals, but they weren't generally crucial to modern life.

I'm not in love with the fossil fuel industry, but for all their problems it's also dangerous to assume that installing wind farms on every decent hillside won't have climatic effects. Go nuclear or give up.

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