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The procedural parts of medicine are among the most automatably difficult tasks imaginable - people do not have standard sizes or shapes, they do not always have the particular problem that you wish they had, and improvisation is the name of the game. The Turing Test is many orders of magnitude easier than even the simplest surgical operation.

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I'm not sure how this got modded up, but that was standard practice in the 1920s... not today. We have standardized procedures for damned near everything you can think of.

I'm an anesthesiologist. I put people to sleep for cardiac surgery. My hospital does around 400-500 hearts a year... and we don't kill any dogs.

Comment Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 1) 288 288

Well, the reason the online services are cheaper is that they've replaced answering services, receptionists, etc., with computers. So there's really no way around it - if you don't replace the people, you don't save money, so you can't offer lower prices.

It was really pretty interesting to watch it play out over the vacation - we were in SF for a few days before driving to LA. In SF it's tech this and tech that, and I was the guy running the show. In LA it's all bullshit, smoke, and mirrors, and he (40 years a salesman) was the wizard.

Comment Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 2) 288 288

My father-in-law tried to get a reservation to trim his beard in SF a couple of months ago. He's 62 and reasonably tech-savvy, but just can't wrap his head around the idea that some places won't let you book an appointment except via web. His entire life has been call, ask, see what's available. That no longer works. And my wife and I are totally comfortable with that, but it drives him up a wall. So, what happened? A half dozen boutique places lost his business, and he got a shave at The Art of Shaving on Union Square, solely because they would take a phone reservation. This is a guy who uses Uber like it's crack,

It's not tech hatred, it's the lack of redundancy.

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