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Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 2) 368

No, Medicaid does not automatically apply if you're poor. Source.

Note: "There is currently no federal requirement that states provide health coverage to adults without dependent children. These adults qualify for Medicaid coverage only if they have a disability or are age 65 or older. However, about half of states provide some coverage through federal waivers or state-funded programs for non-disabled adults who have limited incomes but do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid."

Comment Re:Have an awareness raising conversation (Score 1) 278

Google does this, although the effect is inconsistent on audio-only guidance. Sometimes you get lots of warning, sometimes not. Standalones usually have lane guidance, as will Goog if you leave the screen on.

As in the past, the optimal solution is to use maps to aid a human navigator who can feed info to the driver as needed.

Comment Re:Have an awareness raising conversation (Score 1) 278

Not saying you're wrong, but isn't "just let Google Maps figure it for you" a viable solution? Especially since the Waze purchase, they've been really really good. Last time I was in SF, it was during the San Mateo bridge closures this spring, and we were routed onto some really small roads to escape the traffic returning from Napa to the city. We were planning to come back in over the Golden Gate anyway just to show it off, but it turned out to be a great idea. They were having hour-plus transit times across the Bay Bridge on a Sunday afternoon.

Comment Re:My first thought is, Please, No! (Score 1) 145

If you have building security, why don't they just sign for all packages and put them in a storeroom until you claim them? Just like the baggage claim at a hotel, really. You have to check out by noon, flight isn't until late, you leave the bags with the hotel and pick them up when ready to leave.

I do this whenever I go to the west coast: schedule a redeye back east on Saturday night, go eat a nice dinner, pick up the bags around 9-10, head to the airport, enjoy a nice, quiet lounge, and spare myself a night's hotel stay. Catch the connecting flight to my home city and I'm back before noon, plenty of time to unpack and wash clothes before work Monday.

Comment Re:I always love hearing about city-based services (Score 1) 145

Dude, nobody wants to live where I do, and we have UberX and will soon have fiber (if you're in the right neighborhoods). If you have even minimal density, it can be done. Maybe not as cheap as muni fiber, but we have a company walking into a Comcast + AT&T area and competing (and based on what my neighbors say, they are going to do really well). I'm already relishing the phone conversation where I tell Comcast to go to hell.

The funny part is that this used to be Time-Warner, before the big trade. Every time I see people complain about TW service, I laugh. They're like Neiman-Marcus vs Walmart when it comes to comparing customer service with Comcast.

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