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Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 461

The Nomad was ugly, and twice the size of an iPod. Was it a more functional device? Sure, it was, but it didn't fit in your pocket. Can I build a PC that has better tech specs than the iMac I'm using right now, for less money? You bet, but the iMac only needs power and Ethernet. How many wires will trail across my office to make that happen?

Aesthetics matter. There's a reason I don't live in a trailer and drive a bottom-of-the-line Kia.

Comment Re:Not the typical hitpiece (Score 1) 154

As the old saying goes, the Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody in Memphis and ends at Catfish Row in Vicksburg. Natchez was just the place for planters who owned vast tracts on the Louisiana side to put their city homes somewhere that wouldn't flood every year.

The tourism site is interesting. Notice that Natchez isn't on the city list on the left. The Trace, despite its fascinating history, never even comes close to the Delta, and they tell people to take a blues trail from Clarksdale (OK, serious blues there) to Tupelo (um, Elvis, I suppose).

Marketing is marketing. History's another.

Comment Re:Real problem: He's an idiot (Score 1) 309

Didn't stop ol' Jeb from trying, and hell, there's always the example of Nixon. As for the Clinton vs Obama camps, do you really think she was happy with the SoS nod after Obama found the weakness in the caucus system and used it to take what would, definitely, have been Her Election? Obama was the only reason that was even a contest; Hillary would have slaughtered McCain, not just beat him. He could have been the 2016 nominee, and in all likelihood would have been a better and more effective president if he'd spent another eight years learning how Washington works (although eight years in the governorship would have been even better, except for Illinois governors' unpleasant tendency to end up in federal prison).

Look, maybe you know some people on the DNC, and I sure don't. But that's how it looks out here in flyover country.

Comment Re:Real problem: He's an idiot (Score 0, Troll) 309

Biden could probably have pulled it off, but my take on that is that the Clintons still have the best oppo research team, and they found some really juicy dirt on ole Joe. Dead girl, live boy, something like that. Maybe the Obama camp knows there are some chickens coming home to roost and they're happy to let a Clinton or an R be the fall guy, but otherwise I don't see them rolling over that easily.

Comment Re:What's next, Amazon? (Score 1) 165

That could happen, but the more likely outcome is that people who had the skill set to fend off barbarian hordes (perhaps a band of barbarians who tired of the nomadic life) came in and offered the locals a choice: give us a bunch of your stuff every year and we'll fight off any other barbarians who wander by, or don't, in which case we will use the standard procedure of killing all the men, making concubines of the women, and selling the children into slavery.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's how majority rule works. (Score 1) 439

The king doesn't take everything, any more than democracies do. And the king wonderfully short-circuits a lot of the utterly insane stuff democracies do. He's not without his problems, of course, but if you can't assemble a reasonable case for monarchy in your head, you haven't thought about it enough. You don't have to find the argument completely persuasive; it just has to be plausible.

Comment Re:Well if you have nothing to declare... (Score 1) 83

It's funny, I got grilled about twice as hard coming into the US by land from Canada as I have been on flights from Mexico and overseas. I mean, I understand some of this, but when the border guard asks me where I'm from, I'm like, I know your cameras have already read my license plate and you have a picture of my house on your computer. Search my trunk if you want to. Otherwise, just let me go.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 372

The cops are usually right. It pains me to say that, but it's true. And they're not arrested on "no grounds", they're arrested for possession of drugs. Which are dumb grounds, sure, but unless your local police force is very corrupt (willing to plant evidence), also very easy to avoid - just leave your weed at home.

And, frankly, there just aren't a lot of people in jail for drug charges only - the possession (with or without intent to distribute) charge triggers bail or parole revocation for some other charge like assault, weapons, etc.

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.