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+ - Astronomers solve 200 Million year old riddle!

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demongp writes " reports ( omeda_collision.html), along with a variety of other sources, that David Block from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, together with a team from France and the U.S., this week announced some startling revelations with regards to our neighbouring Galaxy, Andromeda:
From the article:
"Our giant neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, was involved in a head on collision with the dwarf galaxy, M32, some 210 million years ago, scientists announced today.
Infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope recently revealed a never seen before ring of dust within Andromeda.
The new ring and the presence of a previously observed outer ring suggest a disturbance that could have only been caused by a collision. Astronomers suspect that the impact was brought about by the dwarf galaxy Messier 32 (M32)."
One of the things that makes this discovery so interesting, is that Andromeda, being our nearest neighbouring Galaxy, has been studied quite thoroughly for lots of years but it was not until the Spitzer telescope took these revealing pictures that scientist had any ideas that Andromeda was involved in such a massive head-on collision!
The discovery was made possibly by the Spitzer space telescope, designed under guidance from renowned space pioneer and scientist, Giovanni Fazio.

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