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Comment: Re:I Consulted With The Military (Score 1) 525

by demigod (#42003351) Attached to: My relationship to military service:

... For Operation Shock and Awe. I figure that means I did my part. (Took out pretty much 100% of their offensive capabilities in one day, with very little collateral damage.)

What I remember from "Shock and Awe" was we used a lot of very expensive bomb to blow up empty (except for the cleaning women) office buildings in Baghdad so that we could pay Haliburton an outrageous amount to rebuild them.

Comment: Re:Palin against government transparency? (Score 1) 1425

by demigod (#34409032) Attached to: Sarah Palin 'Target WikiLeaks Like Taliban'

Palin just lost my vote. I liked her because she managed to balance the budget in Alaska ...

Balance the budget in Alaska? How hard is that?

More than 80% of Alaska's state revenue is from oil taxes, royalties and fees.
In Alaska you don't pay state income tax or state sales tax, the state pays you

As the price of oil increased she could (and did) spend more

Comment: Re:Why do we keep talking about her? (Score 1) 1425

by demigod (#34408502) Attached to: Sarah Palin 'Target WikiLeaks Like Taliban'

I once thought some guy from Texas born with a silver foot in his mouth, who had basically relied on daddy's friends and connections his entire adult life, would have been equally unelectable. I was disastrously wrong.

That's just proof that the "American Dream" is alive and well.
In America, anyone can grow up to be President. Even a idiot.

Comment: Re:"3G" has always been meaningless (Score 1) 122

by demigod (#33317534) Attached to: The Many Faces of 3G

The fact that you have a 3G signal doesn't guarantee any minimum performance...

Well it provides for a sort of minimum performance. The wikipedia article to which you linked claims it does anyway.

From the first paragraph;

a 3G system must allow simultaneous use of speech and data services, and provide peak data rates of at least 200 kbit/s according to the IMT-2000 specification.

Comment: Re:I see a little problem here (Score 1) 523

by demigod (#33164934) Attached to: Pentagon Demands Return of Leaked Afghanistan Documents

...I'm laughing at this. Nobody is going to go back, find the former president, put him on trial, say "You did shit during a war while you were president that we should hang you for,"

That never happens to former presidents,

Slobodan Milosevi

It's unthinkable

Charles Taylor

Former presidents are untouchable

Radovan Karadzi

Can't happen to soon I say.

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