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Until the Chinese actually try to live on the moon for any period. Horrible temperature profile, little to no water excepting maybe at the poles, some of the nastiest dust in existence getting in to everything, hard vacuum.

Mars is a paradise compared to the Moon which is why if you are talking about a colony it makes a lot more sense than the moon or just about anywhere else in our solar system Only problem is the transit time.

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by demachina (#46539027) Attached to: Earth Barely Dodged Solar Blast In 2012

Uh. . . . . don't nuclear power plants GENERATE electricity? All you would need to do is cut them loose from the transmission lines and put in the control rods until the event is over.

Someone should probably generate contigency plans to safely cut transmission lines at as many key points as possible and they could mitigate the effects of this kind of disaster.

Also helps that a lot of our long distance communication infrastructure is fber optic now and immune to this kind of event.

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by demachina (#46196429) Attached to: California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Either that or you are all just really good at doing ptich fork weilding mobs, an Internet tradition since 1999.

If you want to boycott it, then boycott it which means stop using it, not defacing it. What you are doing is a DDOS.

Its their website since Cmdr Taco sold out. If they wanna trash it then, tell them you don't like it, stop using it and let them wipe out their investment if they are that stupid. It would probably be better if someone with a heart and a sole started a new version anyway. Slashdot has been pretty much soulless since Taco sold out to VA Linux anyway.

If the people that run the site have are as malevolent and clueless as you say, this little mob isn't going to save it in the long run anyway.

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by demachina (#46192505) Attached to: California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Uh yea, but if you continue actively wrecking the site for as long as you are proposing, if they do cave, there wont be anyone left here to use Classic anyway.

If you login in they aren'ty forcing anyone to New Coke anyway. I've never actually seen it. Its mostly only the anonymous cowards who are suffering with it.

It would be better if you declare a cease fire, you guys stop trashing comments, they leave the Classic mode switch in permanently. Then people vote with there feet for the one they prefer. If everyone votes for Classic and they can't fix New Coke then eventually they give up.

The comment section is what made this place great in the 1990's when I joined. Its already a pale shadow of what it once was with the insightful being swamped by a rising ride of pointless and stupid. With you guys completely trashing it with the boycott there is seriously almost no reason to bother coming here any more.

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by demachina (#46186597) Attached to: California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Just curious, on the course this boycott is currently taking are you seeking to kill the beta or kill /. ?

I doubt there is going to be anything or anyone left here to come back to when its over, win or lose.

This coming from a 5 digit UID, not some recent arrival.

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by demachina (#45902891) Attached to: Weapons Systems That Kill According To Algorithms Are Coming. What To Do?

The problem with remotely piloted vehicles is the up and down links are the weak link. If you take out your opponents comm links with jamming or by shooting down their relays you take out their entire drone capability at least until you can restore the comm links.

If you are going to depend on drones the only solution is they have to be autonomous. The only other solution is they have to be manned and introducing pilots entails increased cost, lowers mission duration, increase risk of loss of life and capture.

I would think there probably are already autonomous offensive drones flying, they are probably just restricted to targetting predetermined GPS locations. They desperately need the ability to discern people or vehicles (cars, armor, ships, planes) which are the desired target without having to rely on a comm link or pilot.

It is nearly an inevitable technological evolution now that drones are out of Pandora's box. If the U.S. doesn't do it everyone else will.

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JP Morgan had been planning to acquire WaMu for a West coast expansion prior to the crisis and they were gifted with them during the crisis by the Republicans.

Your interpretation is the simplistic one, maybe its accurate, maybe its not. There are accusations it was an engineered crisis and gifting of WaMu's assets to JP Morgan for cents on the dollar.

The only thing that is clear is JP Morgan came out of the crisis much bigger and more powerful, with fewer competitors than when they went in so it was a win win. Same is true of B of A and Wells Fargo.

Yes they've been paying fines but the Fed has made it so easy for them to make massive amounts of money every quarter since the crisis all the fines are inconsequential to them.

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It is a market based solution, a bad one since participation is nearly mandatory and being compelled by punitive taxes.

The fact that multiple private insurers are running it and they compete on the exchanges makes it market based.

If it were single payer funded entirely by taxes and government paying all the bills like Medicare it wouldn't be market based.

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Last I heard establishment politicians redistricted Kucinich out of Congress. Kucinich was an outlier and the establishment finally figured out a way to get rid of him because they didn't want to hear his inconvenient truths, or worse have Americans hear them.

If anything Kucinich is proof that in fact we do have a one party state posing as two. Establishment Democrats hated him as much as anyone.

The Tea Party is probably the only actual second party we have and its been coopted by a bunch of crazy, opportunist, demagogues like Palin, Beck and Bachman so its regrettably turned in to kind of a bizarro train wreck. It was completely despised by our establishment one party state, and if it hadn't been completely derailed it would have been the greatest threat to that one party state since the Progressive movement a hundred years ago.

Comment: Re:Put a fork in it, it's done. (Score 5, Interesting) 539

It was a MASSIVE economic intervention none-the-ess which is something the GP said Republican's didn't do. The Bush administration indulged in massive picking of winners and losers during the whole crisis.

Lehman, Bear Sterns, WaMu and Merril Lynch losers.

Citi, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo massive winners thanks to Republican help.

You notice that the Republican Treasury Secretary came from Goldman Sachs and was one of the people responsible for lobbying to allow banks to leverage up to 30-1 so they would be doomed the second a crisis hit? And when the crisis did he he funnelled billions in tax payer money through AIG to keep his old firm from collapsing?

If Republicans were the free marketeers they claim to be AIG, Citi and Goldman Sachs would be dead now.

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Every third party in this country is aggressively suppressed by the two parties and the media. Its hard for third parties to get and stay on all the ballots in 50 states.

You see many candidates from third parties in debates? Perot and Anderson are the only two I can remember and Perot got there because he was filthy rich and made for good TV.

Only reason Ron and Rand Paul run as a Republicans is because they know they would be doomed to obscurity on a third party ticket and would never get elected if they didn't. That's the whole reason the Tea Party is infiltrating the Republican party because they can get elected running inside the two party system as parasites.

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