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The Internet

Submission + - Comedian gets BT boss to fix his broadband (

Barence writes: "British comedian Dave Gorman has found a surefire way of getting your BT broadband connection fixed — email CEO Ian Livingston. Following on from his brilliant blog post a few days ago — in which he asked the perfectly reasonable question, why don't ISPs give out courtesy mobile broadband dongles when your connection fails? — Gorman's latest blog post provides hilarious details of the incompetence of BT's support desk, with staff repeatedly failing to diagnose the problem, so he went straight to the top — he emailed the CEO. Lo and behold, the connection was repaired within hours. Apparently it helps to be a celebrity."

Submission + - Thousands of SSN# stolen from Stanford University (

An anonymous reader writes: A laptop containing the names, social security numbers, salary, and other private information of over 60,000 employees at Stanford University has been stolen. Follow the link for details. They don't seem to want to say how, why, or who put that much sensitive information on the laptop, only to say that it was against their policy to do so.

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