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Comment: Re:Obviously (Score 1) 256

by delt0r (#49822341) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene
If momentum is not conserved. Neither is energy nor relativity. So all those experiments must be in error somehow... or your wrong. Forces are *between* things, so momentum is conserved. So is energy and its all relative.

A good scientist doesn't waste time on bullshit. And violating momentum conservation is bullshit.

Comment: Re:Obviously (Score 1) 256

by delt0r (#49822297) Attached to: Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene
If they are asserting the same claims as the EM drive. Then i hope so.

reactionless propulsion in a vacuum means free energy. Literally it is an over unity device. Yea pretty safe to call bullshit if that is what is claimed.

Oh and this is in newscientist. If you want shit science stories its the place to go. For good stuff, not so much.

Comment: Re:Thorium (Score 2) 162

by delt0r (#49822233) Attached to: Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator
No it doesn't ... Oh jeze another Thorium is like perfect safe clean not really nuclear nuclear.

First of all it produces the *same* waste as any other properly managed reprocessing cycling with breading. Yep you get similar results with Uranium.

Second, your burning U233 and so you get the same decay heat, the same "turn it off" issues. Sure LFR address some of this. But that has *nothing* to do with Thorium. So no its not 100% can't possibly release radioactive materials.

Thirdly it is *not* proven tech and would be a 20+year project to probably validate and commercialise it. And that is optimistic. It has never been show to be able to have a breading ratio of 1. In suti reprocessing has not been demonstrated. And some of the corrosion issues and proposed solutions have not been fully addressed. A 10MW reactor that has decommissioning issues has not shown *any* of the claimed Thorium magic.

Comment: Re:epigenetics (Score 1) 140

by delt0r (#49789799) Attached to: Scientists Reverse Aging In Human Cell Lines
If you are ageless, with current fatal accident rate and all else being equal (of course it won't be), the average life span would be something like 400 years IIRC. Again assuming your frozen in age with a job and stuff.

My wife doesn't think i will make 60 with the shit i get up to. And tbh i am surprised i made it to 40. It has been touch and go a few times.

But if I did become ageless, i wouldn't assume i going to be dead anytime soon, and well not aging also has other benefits..... Why squander them?

Neutrinos are into physicists.