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Comment: Re:Of course it will (Score 1) 273 273

But out of those making prostitution illegal is the stupidest of the lot.

Situation 1, i go to a bar, find a girl that wants nice things for a night and puts out for it.
Situation 2, Some girl wants extra cash and finds a porn movie studio, gets paid for sex.
Situation 3, someone you don't find too objectionable offers X dollars for a shag, and you aggree.

Why would anyone think that 3 is soo different from the rest? What is gained by making it illegal.

Comment:'s the LAW! (Score 2) 273 273

Because they just don't get it. They still think it is "their" internet.

But really i don't get the big deal anyway. It is not like its that hard to make a gun with a half decent set of tools anyway. But why bother when you get just go to the store to get one. Or if its commit a crime, pay slightly more for a "reported stolen" gun.

Comment: Re:I hereby ascertain the bankruptcy of Greece. (Score 1) 1139 1139

The reason is that it would cost the EU less to get greece back on its feet, and less political headaches. And its small potatoes compared to the whole the EU. California has a larger % of dept compared to GDP for the US for example.

Fact is that if Greece does leave the euro, Greece will be in even worse shape very fast.

Comment: Re:I hereby ascertain the bankruptcy of Greece. (Score 1) 1139 1139

I think most of the reputation of Switzerland comes from the "numbered" accounts in *movies*. As someone living here now, and with such an account, i assure you that it is nothing like the movies. In most of Swiss history they comply with standard international laws and would hand over details with proper warrants etc. Oh yea and a numbered account still has a name. They really won't just take a suitcase of money and give you an account.

Recently however they are now required to report US citizen account balances to the US. Some banks don't like that and make it very hard to open an account if you are a US citizen. They have been forced to do this via these banks having a US presence. Mostly wall st.

Comment: Re:Meanwhile, the US debt keeps piling up, up, up (Score 1) 1139 1139

To be fair the US debt stats are not bad at all. Its a lot of zeros but you are a massive economy. Slightly bigger than the whole Eurozone. What is odd with dept in the US is how congress stalls every time the ceiling needs to be raised. Outside silly laws like you can't be guilty of insider trading if your a politician, or even stupid rules over hedge funds and The crapola that lead to 2008 financial "issues". US is fairly fiscally responsible on the books.

It is just you don't seem to get much for the money.

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