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Comment: Re:Makes Perfect Sense (Score 1) 126 126

Lets be clear. If it is as general as js it won't be safe. There will be bugs, there will be issues, there will be stupid users that click "Yes debit my credit card $1000 and upload all my personal information.

Sure there will be sandboxes, but they have bugs and errors too.

Comment: Re:Obligatory reading (Score 1) 419 419

Oooh I want to add my favorite: No flying jet packs, unless you can figure out how to create a longlasting stream of gas of sufficient momentum to lift a human which won't burn his legs off.

For a laugh i once calculated the neutrino "jet pack" plausibility. Apart from MW and GW of required power, *even* neutrinos in sufficient momentum density do interact enough to still burn the legs off. :D

More seriously: About the only thing that would work is go bigger, ie a back pack gyro or something.

Comment: Re:Not even that... (Score 1) 419 419

This is false. If it produces neutrons it can be used to breed Pu. If it can breed Pu its a proliferation risk plain and simple. Oh and even *without* breeding Pu, U233 can and *was* used in a bomb and since Thorium reactors need to reprocess, then the gammas have to be dealt with anyway, so again still doesn't fix proliferation.

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