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Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 106

by delt0r (#48854761) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

(red matter? WTF?)

Yea cus dilithium crystals are right on the money and ignoring that the correct application of teleport solves pretty much most of plots was soo rock solid.

You fans are all the same. You point out what is wrong with the new while it was twice as bad in the original. And please don't start with "it was intellectual". it was only if your a Texan neo nazi. " Oh.. killing people different to me bad?"

It is star trek, the softest crappiest (technospeak anyone) form of sci fi invented by man. Futurama is more intelligent, more realistic and just better sci fi. You can't do crap with star trek because it was already crap in the first place. At least JJ work is interesting enough not to walk out before the end of the movie. If your sci fi is that crap *at* least have some action.

Comment: Re:Needed! (Score 3, Informative) 100

by delt0r (#48854729) Attached to: Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet
Fused silica has a refractive index of approx 1.5. so light is 33% slower in fiber. But that is not the whole story since group velocity and phase velocity are mode dependent. I assume it is all single mode however at that would be in the ball park.

Diamond has a index of refraction of 2.4, so fibers made of diamond (there are reasons to use diamond :) so signal speed would be 1/2 c.

Over 1/2 of lag however is in the switching.

Comment: Re:Internet by satellite: non-news (Score 1) 105

Probably the biggest difference between 1990s and now, is the *amazing* progress with transceivers. The SNR ratio and gain, noise rejection and everything is just incredible. Just the bitstream on modern USB is plain godlike compared to what we could do back then. This makes the whole system far more viable.

Oh and legal reasons. Buying bandwidth, getting right of ways for cable etc is not just cheap, it is total cartel central in just about every country out there.

Comment: Re:"Forget about the risk that machines pose to us (Score 1) 227

by delt0r (#48848795) Attached to: An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing AI
You claim Turing complete, with nothing more than an assertion. There are physical process that are *not* Turing complete. You don't need magic to make it uncomputable. Now either put up or shut up.

Oh my personal project is a vacuum energy machine that runs on water. I can't cite anything or show you anything because it is my own personal project.

Yea right.

Comment: Re:Cool!! (Score 1) 19

by delt0r (#48829551) Attached to: Exoplanet Hunting NGTS Telescope Array Achieves First Light

Many years ago when I was in university and hung out with astronomy nerds ... the notion of discovering an exoplanet was still speculative science, and it was largely thought there wouldn't be many planets.

What? My masters was in Astrophysics. It was widely speculated that planets are common. But size distribution/distance from parent and all that was a bit of an unknown. We don't believe we (the solar system) is special.

Are we running light with overbyte?