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Submission + - Science Historian Deciphers Plato's Code (manchester.ac.uk)

eldavojohn writes: Some two thousand pages of Plato's works have now been uncovered to have a hidden meaning. According to the research, he hid a complex musical code to match his writings inside his works. From the article, 'Dr Kennedy spent five years studying Plato's writing and found that in his best-known work the Republic he placed clusters of words related to music after each twelfth of the text — at one-twelfth, two-twelfths, etc. This regular pattern represented the twelve notes of a Greek musical scale. Some notes were harmonic, others dissonant. At the locations of the harmonic notes he described sounds associated with love or laughter, while the locations of dissonant notes were marked with screeching sounds or war or death. This musical code was key to cracking Plato's entire symbolic system.' Thousands of years later, we continue to learn from Plato (PDF).
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Journal Journal: Google Translate = Hijacked

Google Translate today gave me a nasty shock while doing some casual translating from English to German. A regular translating session turned sour when putting in Retrieved dragged up the one word I didn't foresee it being translated into. I won't spoil the surprise. Since Babelfish is generally crap and I didn't have a dictionary to hand, I'm still not sure on the translation. I'm not

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