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Comment: Re:Ehhh What ? (Score 2) 48

When stuff falls into a black hole, it gets measurably heavier. If a charged particle falls into one, the black hole retains a measurable electric field. If a black hole picks up angular momentum from gas circling in sideways, the hole spins faster, and the gas fired from the jets comes out at a higher speed.

Your argument that mass or energy exists that isn't measurable since it isn't observable sounds a little illogical... how would you even know there was such a thing if nobody had measured it for you in the first place?

Actually Stephen Hawking would have agreed with you in 1997, but by 2004 he decided he had lost the bet with John Preskill of Caltech.

Comment: Re:I guess he crossed the wrong people (Score 1) 306

by fermion (#49498205) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal
Most guilty people will immediately try to become the victim. Ignore the fact that I convince gullible people to buy junk that at best is useless and at worst will harm them. Ignore the fact that I use my medical degree to trick people. Look at the big bad corporation over here that wants to attack me. Ignore the fact that I am in the arms of a big bad corporation that airs my tv show and wants rating no matter what.

My problem with Dr. Oz is not that he appears to be a unethical charletan that will prostitute himself to any snake oil salesman who asks. My problem is, n the few shows I have seen, is that he actively is teaching his audience bad science. This is not surprising as doctors are not scientists. For instance, there was one show on fat where his depiction of fat was completely inaccurate. The demonstration was there to be visually exciting, but at the expense of any real science. I can imagine the people who saw it going to their doctor and arguing a point, thinking Dr. Oz is right, and their doctor is wrong.

It is entertainment. I agree that persons who are fundamentally entertainers and not seriously committed to medicine should probably not be the medical staff.

Comment: Re:Smug Alert (Score 1) 289

My concern is that we might see a rise in muggings again. Like those white cords coming out of your ears that marked the wearer as a victim, we might see that a wearer or a the distinctive watch is a victim.

Of course it will be a while before many people have a watch. Those who ordered in the first couple minutes will get it before May. Those who ordered in the first hour may get it by mid may. ten hours after the watch was on sale the shipment date was almost the end of June.

So will we see retail sales for the watch before the end of summer? I think for the Watch Edition and other Watch that are far north of $100.

It is interesting that most Watch sold are Sports model. Buying an expensive Watch now seems really silly. Spending $500 is smug and borderline senseless. This is not a device one is going to use for a generation. In the next two years the Watch that one might keep for a couple years will be on the market. One has to admit the electronics for this Watch is going to seem obsolete in 6 months. And you won't even be able to go the pawn shop and sell the gold for gold.

Comment: Re:Seems expensive for sure... (Score 1) 107

by fermion (#49447485) Attached to: ICANN Asks FTC To Rule On<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.sucks gTLD Rollout
I don't see why legitimate companies would want to own this TLD. Let is go to people who want to attack the company online. If you have a good product your customers are not going to be overwhelmed by the negative reviews on a site that that has the sole purpose to be negative. New customers are going to see negative reviews, on a site that is intended to be negative, but again if the product is good they will also see other reviews elsewhere

The only thing a .sucks is going to do is provide a platform for negative opinions. It will not necessarily be a popular or dominant platform. The exception might be organizations that are not really flexible enough to handle criticism. So Scientology and many other religions, most politicians, and Coca Cola will probably have to buy the domains, but $2500 is not a huge expense for them.

This is speculation and some will profit but I suspect it will not be a long term thing. It is like when the domains names cost huge amounts of money and people spent huge amounts of money buying them up hoping to resell. Some people made a lot of money, but I suspect most did not.

Comment: Filming police in Texas may soon be illegal (Score 2, Informative) 489

by MillionthMonkey (#49441279) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"
Speaking of Texas, a bill has just been introduced there (HB 2918) that prohibits filming the police within a radius of 25 feet, unless the person filming is a member of the "news media"- defined as an employee of 1) a newspaper that publishes at least once a week, 2) a magazine that publishes on a regular interval, or 3) a TV or radio station that is licensed by the FCC. Filming the incident yourself and forwarding the video to a newspaper, magazine, or TV station would make you guilty of a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a 180 day jail term and a $2000 fine.

Comment: Re:Curiously (Score 4, Insightful) 49

The government isn't simply "too big" or "too little", as if it's either one or the other. Some parts of the government have atrophied while others have expanded and become tumorous. Dealing with health care and commerce is usually a government's job anyway, unless you want to live in Somalia.

Comment: Re:Crossed lines (Score 1) 166

by fermion (#49419711) Attached to: The Arrival of Man-Made Earthquakes
The science on this is good. The lawyers will eventually get payments and may make the cost of current water disposal prohibitively expensive. That is not going to stop the earthquakes in Oklahoma because Oklahoma does not have a diverse vibrant economy, so voters, in general, are not going to ask officials to stop water disposal or fracking.

Compare this to Texas where local bans are in place and it is only oil industry bribes at the state level that keeps fracking.

Comment: lots of history (Score 1) 167

I have not been in New Mexico when the Trinity site has been open. I need to just fly out for the weekend and see it one day...

However, I have been to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque(where bugs bunny always goes). It is a nice museum, apparently on a tight budget, with many interesting planes. They usually have a good traveling exhibit.

109 East Place is a good book on the secret site in Los Alamos. It was so secret that all communication and travel when through 109 East Place in Santa Fe.

Comment: Re:Wrong profession (Score 1) 201

But, if a teacher isn't teaching and improving their students, they should be fired.

They *are* teaching and improving the students. Just not as well as ones in higher percentiles. That doesn't mean they should be fired. You can't just keep firing people and gutting public schools for being below average. Just teach the kids, and stop concentrating on smoking out bad teachers and shutting schools down.

Comment: Re: Saudi Arabia, etc. (Score 1) 653

Well, the most militant ones seem to be the most surprising- they seem to honestly think they're straight as they scream and scream about homosexuality (a topic I don't really obsess about that much, since I'm not gay). Then once in a while you hear about them getting caught doing things like soliciting undercover cops for sex. Even more amazingly, they'll view their action as a mere sin- they pray to God, get forgiveness, and then carry on as if they haven't revealed anything about themselves- as if any of us might have goofed up and done that. Maybe they think that it's the sort of thing that we're all tempted to do, but that we refrain from because of our morality. But if you're *actually* straight, hanging out with the opposite sex doesn't involve forcing moral restraint on yourself at all- it's a visceral response. If I saw two guys having sex, I might want to vomit, but I also wouldn't *judge* them for it, because I don't think they ever chose to be gay, and I wouldn't see their behavior as indicative of some sort of moral failing. And I'm not afraid of being in their presence and getting "recruited". People who think gays can be recruited, and bitch about gay people's "chosen behavior", must be imagining that they feel tempted to make the same choice- but that all of us feel those temptations, whether gay or straight.

User hostile.