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Comment: 13 years later (Score 3, Interesting) 166

by dejaniv (#49330507) Attached to: The X-Files To Return

It's a rainy night. Mulder is sitting in an empty low-lit bar. His head rests on his arms. There's few empty glasses on bar table in front of him. Broody country tones fill the space.

Scully walks in with intention. She spots Mulder and shakes the rain off her coat. He doesn't see her as she walks over. She stops right beside him.

Scully: "Your online dating profile says you're blond."
Mulder (chuckles): "It's funny, you sound just like someone I knew long time a..."

He lifts his head off of his arms and meets her eyes. His face expression changes into bewilderment.

Mulder (whispers): "Scully?!"
Scully: "Hello, cowboy. We're back!"

(intro titles cut in, followed by commercials. Twitter explodes, Facebook explodes, Instagram explodes)

Comment: Why such dumb algorithm? (Score 1) 218

by dejaniv (#48682465) Attached to: Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos

With Facebook being all about making sense of data for advertising purpose you would expect they would come up with some smart algorithm that would figure out the actual context behind posts. I'd expect Facebook to know when people are happy, sad, angry, drunk, silly etc. when they post and use that information not only for targeted advertising but for the benefit of their users.

Comment: Re:It's a fail - almost certainly (Score 1) 334

by dejaniv (#36193522) Attached to: <em>Neuromancer</em> Movie Deal Moving Forward

Since when was 1981 in the seventies?

Well yeah, it was shot early eighties, and it started screening in 1982 but there was *a lot* going on before they started shooting, so the whole idea for the movie developed in the seventies.

Anyway, you're right - I therefore correct my previous statement by replacing "seventies" with "early eighties".

Comment: It's a fail - almost certainly (Score 1) 334

by dejaniv (#36193072) Attached to: <em>Neuromancer</em> Movie Deal Moving Forward

It will be so easy to screw up this one. Some stories fit only in books. I guess they can base movie on Neuromancer, but that's the whole different set. Just like Blade Runner - great movie but different story focus from the original book. And that one was made in seventies. You know, before theaters were filled up by Fast And Furious 1 to 16. It's a fail - almost certainly.

"You stay here, Audrey -- this is between me and the vegetable!" -- Seymour, from _Little Shop Of Horrors_