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+ - Hacking Bluetooth With a USB Stick

Submitted by ancientribe
ancientribe (666) writes "If there's one thing that has precluded hackers and researchers from cracking Bluetooth, it's been the $10,000 price tag of the sniffer tools involved to do so. But look out: European researchers have now broken that price barrier with a prototype hacking tool based on a $30 Bluetooth USB dongle. The USB-based sniffer tool lets you eavesdrop on a Bluetooth communication session, and teamed up with other tools, access encrypted data on Bluetooth devices. 111&WT.svl=news1_4"

+ - Scots Scientists Unveil 'Spray-On' Computer

Submitted by
evdubs writes "Scottish scientists have developed a computer the size of a matchstick head, thousands of which can be sprayed onto patients to give a comprehensive analysis of their condition. The individual computers, or "specks," will communicate by forming programmable networks, thus leading this technology to be named "Speckled Computing." The computing innovation, being developed by scientists at Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde universities, will be displayed at the Edinburgh International Science Festival next Friday as part of a talk by Damal Arvind, leading speckled computing professor and director of the Scottish consortium. The group is also published and a list of their publications is available here."

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