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Comment: Re:S.E.T.I (Score 1) 806

by deepvoid (#21296637) Attached to: Is SETI Worth It?
Searching for extraterrestrial life is not stupid. Spending Billions on bombs to destroy our own civilization is though. If we are going to give scientists a task, I figure it is better to give them something that doesn't involve finding faster and more emotionally disconnected ways to kill his fellow human.

If you look at the Drake equation and note much the probability of finding a planet has increased from the human perspective, we would be negligent if we ignored the ET search. Additionally, we get a lot of beneficial research from SETI that gets little press. Military research benefits very few people when compared to it's non-military counterparts.

Wolfram's 2,3 Turing Machine Not Universal 284

Posted by kdawson
from the whoa-not-so-fast-there-big-fella dept.
Fishbat writes "In a cutting message to the Foundations of Mathematics mailing list, Stanford's Vaughan Pratt has pointed out an elementary mistake in the recently announced proof that Wolfram's (2,3) machine is universal." Update: 10/30 04:18 GMT by KD : Ed Pegg Jr. from Wolfram Research points to this response to Dr. Pratt's note, which has been submitted to the FoM mailing list but has not yet appeared there due to moderation.
The Media

+ - PC World editor killed in his home

Submitted by smooth wombat
smooth wombat (796938) writes "Rex Farrance, PC World Magazine's senior technical editor, was shot dead by masked gunmen who had broken into his home on Tuesday evening. His wife, Lenore Vantosh-Farrance, was pistol whipped. She was able to call 911 but the assailants fled before the police arrived.

Investigators are suggestng the attack was drug related. From the article:

"We have substantial reason to believe that the victim and his wife were involved in the possession and, potentially, the distribution of illegal narcotics," said Pittsburg police Inspector John Conaty, who declined to specify what type of drugs were involved."
User Journal

Journal: Recent events

Journal by deepvoid

Recently I have been on a tear about the outsourcing issue, and probably should explian. I have been a software engineer for more than a couple decades, and have seen the birth and tremendous growth of the internet from its miltiary research roots.

User Journal

Journal: Politoc and his spammer friends.

Journal by deepvoid

Recently I posted a comment about the relationship between spammers and politicians. I have to say, I still believe I am entirely correct. In the last election, in these parts, a Democratic party thug was walking through my neighborhood with a bullhorn and a chip on his shoulder. There he is, standing in front of my house, shouting into a device which amplifies his already loud and obnoxious voice, saying how his boss will help "the people". I call the police, since by this time, I have a cry

Wasn't there something about a PASCAL programmer knowing the value of everything and the Wirth of nothing?