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Comment: Re:So many holes in Linux systems.. (Score 1) 98

by deek (#49023195) Attached to: New Multi-Purpose Backdoor Targets Linux Servers

My turn to say "huh?"

The post I replied to was talking about SystemD listening on network ports. In that context, socket activation _is_ everything. Any bug in the network listening code of SystemD cannot be triggered, if the software ain't listening in the first place.

Honestly, kids these days. I blame the music they listen to. Turns the brain to mush.

Comment: Re:So many holes in Linux systems.. (Score 2) 98

by deek (#49022721) Attached to: New Multi-Purpose Backdoor Targets Linux Servers

Actually, it's pretty simple to stop SystemD from listening on network ports. It's called "socket activation". Look it up. It's pretty neat. All you need to do is stop the specific socket service, and then edit the appropriate socket file.

You'll also be interested to know that the Debian install of SystemD doesn't use socket activation by default. Not yet, anyway.

As for systemd security auditing, from what I've heard, the people at Redhat run the source code through various tools designed to pick out bugs. Also, I've read of at least one person doing an independent audit of the code. I presume there would be many more than that. So, as far as security testing is concerned, it's far from having nothing done.

There's always a workaround. Even for SystemD.

Comment: Re:Why the fuck is there a video (Score 1) 271

by deek (#48985437) Attached to: Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video)

To stop it, I had to use Firebug to select the video element, and dynamically delete it off the page.
Otherwise, it was sucking up my bandwidth pre-downloading the video. Definitely annoying.

I could write a Greasemonkey script to automatically stop this in the future. We'll see how often it happens.

Comment: Re:My FreeBSD Report: Four Months In (Score 1) 471

by deek (#48975595) Attached to: Systemd Getting UEFI Boot Loader

You get a kernel panic, once a month, on Debian Testing?! That's _very_ unusual. I've run Testing on a dozen or so different systems, for over a decade, and have never had a kernel panic. Not once.

Are you using the Debian sourced kernel, or compiling your own? Compiling any third party drivers into it?

Anyway, whatever works for you. If FreeBSD is stable for you, and does everything you need, then go for it!

Comment: Re:Not really. (Score 0) 237

by deek (#48920283) Attached to: Gamma-ray Bursts May Explain Fermi's Paradox

You condemn humanity as a species that hates others, yet you yourself display a misanthropic attitude.

I think it's your attitude that colours your perception. Yes, there are humans that kill others, but the vast majority do not. There are cultures that rate sport or musical ability more important than general learning. Then there are many that do not. Humanity is many many things. Focusing on one facet does not reflect the whole.

If an advanced civilization stumbled across us, I think they'd be fascinated by the variety and complexity of the life on this planet. They'd certainly study us. In fact, they may just be doing so now.

Comment: Re:revolutionary idea? (Score 3, Interesting) 328

by deek (#48714077) Attached to: Happy Public Domain Day: Works That Copyright Extension Stole From Us In 2015

Want to encourage the creation of creative works?

It's well known that creativity flourishes with experienced adversity. The irony of the copyright system is that it's actually discouraging this creative seed. Artists are way too comfortable, living off royalties, to knuckle down and start producing stuff.

I say we cut copyright to a bare minimum. A year at max. That'll get those lazy artists off their collective arses, and provide plenty of encouragement to create something at least once per year.

Remember kids, nothing speeds productivity like poverty.

Even bytes get lonely for a little bit.