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Comment: Re:Are programmers really this naive? (Score 1) 465

It's worse than just in-yo-face endorsement, it was active incitement to try to turn something actually interesting into yet another contrived "reality" show.

It was easy for them to push peoples' buttons, what was unexpected (and the most interesting part of this whole debacle IMO) is that rather than sit there and be harassed by assholes everybody just walked out.

I hope that Maker Studios learnt something from this experience and keep tight watch on outside "consultants" so that the next time it will stay true to the spirit of what was attempted and make something really worth watching

Comment: Cole Phelps gently slides down the Stairs (Score 3, Insightful) 134

by decipher_saint (#46246595) Attached to: Game Developers' Quest To Cross the Uncanny Valley

So imagine you have super-realistic characters, then you have them do something impossible like ride a dragon or glitch out on the physics engine... no matter how many hours you put in making them look really Real all it takes is one fuckup and you find yourself staring up from the Uncanny Valley wondering what happened.

Comment: Depressing (Score 1) 226

by decipher_saint (#45664815) Attached to: Canada Post Announces the End of Urban Home Delivery

It's really easy to imagine just going to a community box if you are an able bodied person with a vehicle but if you're elderly or otherwise have mobility issues ... well let's just say with the lengthy winters and poor snow clearing I foresee two outcomes:

-People not picking up mail for months at a time
-Old people breakin' hips


Comment: Why Upgrade? (Score 1) 393

I have tons of storage, good AV playback, lots of apps that do what I want, games still play pretty well (or are a video card update away)

I have two machines currently, the newest one is reaching the 4 and half year mark and it's still fast / reliable. The other has been kicking around for 7+ and even that still runs all my productivity software / backup storage.

I mean a decade ago I was cycling about every 2 years but there were a lot of leaps between those generations usually.

I mean I've thought about building a whole new machine again but I can't justify it when I have existing stuff doing everything I want right here.


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