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Comment: Re:Leading the way (Score 1) 559

by debiangruven (#39005411) Attached to: Global Christianity and the Rise of the Cellphone
Churches in this country and across the world feed and clothe the poor, provide free health care for the sick, provide free care for people ensnared by drugs, help provide shelter for the homeless. Many risk their lives by sneaking into countries like North Korea providing food and a means for escape. All of this without the red take of bureaucracy of government. It's a real drain on society......

Comment: Re:if you were stuck in Iran.. (Score 1) 147

by debiangruven (#38959017) Attached to: Sanctions Or Not, Iranian Competition Yields Successful UAVs

You idiot - read your own post.


Were they there during the time of Saddam?

Fact is, Saddam may have been a bad-ass, but, I would much prefer living under his rule than have been liberated by the US. Cheers buddy, you help destroy the country and helped it descend into anarchy.

And who were these terrorists you speak of?

Maybe you should hop on the next boat OUT of this country. Just my 2 cents.

Comment: Re:if you were stuck in Iran.. (Score 3) 147

by debiangruven (#38956695) Attached to: Sanctions Or Not, Iranian Competition Yields Successful UAVs

Next, any civilian casualties resulting from our "invasion" was purely accidental.

So the 100,000+ civilians killed in Iraq was accidental. I'm sure that makes them feel much better.

I was greeted with open arms by the people in the country I was "invading".

Is that also representative of the family members of some of those accidental deaths?

You'll also notice that the US military does not hide behind human shields made of women and children.

You have that in common with the 9/11 terrorists.

You do realize that civilians are still dying in Iraq and our armed forces are not there. Fact of the matter is insurgents hate the idea of freedom and will kill anyone to try and crush freedom. You are very ignorant when it comes to talking about what our armed forces do in battle. I am an Iraq veteran and I can tell you that in 2005, 99% of all civilian deaths came from terrorists. Maybe you should enlist so that you can see what really happens in a war, or better yet move to Iran because it is such a free democracy and one that values human rights so much.

"Facts are stupid things." -- President Ronald Reagan (a blooper from his speeach at the '88 GOP convention)