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Comment Nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 246

What kind of products does Google produce? What exactly do they sell? Let's recall that at one time Priceline.com had a stock market valuation greater than some airline companies. Did Priceline.com have any planes? No it sold tickets.

The idea that Google will become an IPO is laughable. Any idiot who throws money down on a Google IPO will soon lose their shirt like the suckers who thought the dot-com boom would last 20-30 years. And how exactly is Google going to produce revenue? Are they going to do it like that old Saturday Night Live commercial about the "Change Bank"? How do we do it? Volume. How will Google do it? Lots of searches?

Those who think that Google will continue to play an important role in our lives need to ask themselves how Northern Light and Excite changed our lives. Remember them? Internet surfers are very fickle. As soon as a better alternative to Google comes along, goodbye Google hype.

"If Diet Coke did not exist it would have been neccessary to invent it." -- Karl Lehenbauer