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Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 119

If a company cuts corners on security, then in the same way that if I leave my door unlocked and get burgled, I can't make a claim.

I agree with the second portion of your comment. It's an entirely different matter when it's personal property verses protected information. There is or should be a certain level of security afforded to one's private property regardless of the level of security maintained. Meaning I don't care if the door is wide open it's still wrong to have someone come in and take what isn't theirs. I know that my home-owner's and auto policies have zero stipulations on eh security levels that must be maintained. Where as there is a documented level of security that needs to be in place for the protected information. Look at HIPPA, PCI, SOX, etc. requirements. I think if you don't meet those standards it should be a criminal as well as a civil offence to allow the non-compliance. From a an admin's perspective you better have documented proof of your recommendations and when/why they were shot down or you are just as guilty as the PHB.

Comment Re:Relevent (Score 1) 119

Must have abeen a boy. My 14 year old daughter is in a stage that I can't understand. I guess it could be best described as "I'm an adult and do everything and know everything, but still need to be taken care of" stage. But my 7.5 and 9 year old boys in the "messy guns are everything" stage.

Comment Re:Goodbye Windows (Score 1) 313

That's still helping with development. You have to have testers or else they will never get the bugs squashed. One hey this doesn't look right is whining, that can be dismissed. Several people having the same issue means hey there's a bug here that needs to be looked at. Since when has not being a developer excluded you from being a beta tester?

Comment Re:NEVER trust and AC (Score 2) 279

I'm not discounting your points, but it seems he hit a nerve. He did mention that it was an ISP that he works for. Why is it OK for an ISP to allow everything through their network when it comes to other questionable traffic both from and thru their infrastructure but when it comes to spam it's off with their heads. Shouldn't it be all or nothing? If you want ISPs to not be filtering/blocking other information/data that we want, spam should be allowed as well right? I mean it's just data.

Comment Re:Bureaucracy (Score 1) 735

My HOA has/had a guy that was like that. He turned me in every other week because my Bermuda grass was too tall. I actually sat on the board because of him. I was put in charge of the architectural control and violations committees. I was able to get the rules that allowed him to be that way changed. We have some very good commonsense rules now. Such as no more than two live chickens can be kept on your property for more than 60 days. No parking in your yard for more than a week without giving the HOA a heads up. Mostly so if there is an actual problem we have a legal leg to stand on. Oh yeah "that Guy", he's now known throughout the sub-division as the angry fat man.

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