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I personally have been somewhat critical of Sarkeesian, but hearing this really makes me feel bad. I would never want anything like that to happen to anyone, and I hope things get better for her. Even if I think she's a bit nutty she should have the right to speak her mind without threats of violence.

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by deathguppie (#47702851) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

But remember, MS only has to pay enough politicians to make the change. The tax payers then cover the cost of making the switch back to Windows. If you could imagine how much that contract would be worth, then think how much it would cost to buy off a few politicians.. it's like money in the bank.

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A certain part of what he said ( not all) does ring true to a lot of us (male devs).. if you've worked on games, and I've only worked on open source games. Then you've gotten hate mail. People say the rudest most hurtful things they can think of and target you. The first time it happened to me, I was angry, humiliated, stomped around the room.. it was awful. Then it happened again, and again.

personally I would put the pornographic fanfic in a different category as the rest of the insults in the article simply because it didn't sound like it was someone just trying to insult the person. It just sounded creepy. I had a girl when I was in my twenties, whom I told that I wasn't interested in her that way call me repeatedly and just breath into the phone when I answered.. that was creepy. Being a guy didn't make me feel better about it either, I didn't know if she would try to cut my brake lines in my car, or burn my house down with me in it. It sucked.

All of the things mentioned in the article are truly lame, and should never happen to anyone , but I don't see them as sexist per se. It's more just about how shitty the world is. Sexism, seems more about inequality. Women getting lesser pay, having less opportunity in the work place. That is something everyone can agree on. But if you just want to claim that all shitty things that happen to women are due to sexism, then everyone else is going to start thinking about all the shitty things that happen to them, and wonder why your shitty things should garner more special attention than any one else's. It sucks to have people single you out for insults, but it sucks worse when it's someone keeping you from getting a job, or a pay raise, or not allowing you to drive, or vote, or wear pants. That's sexism.

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Here in Washington the min wage is $9.32. So 68 cents less than $10.10. Employment has gone up or stayed the same in most areas, but certainly there has been no job loss. Here in Seattle people are fighting to get a higher min wage so that people aren't living in poverty, but it isn't the $15 everyone is talking about. Most people won't see $15 for years, and there are some exemptions as well.

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Not all concepts will make it to market. For varied reasons. Sometimes it's simply a matter of to restrictive/expensive patent licensing. But mostly some unforeseen problem happens further on in development that causes the whole thing to fizzle away to nothing.

The experience we gain from both the initial research, and the failure is invaluable. Personally I love reading about materials research, even if I don't understand all of it, the time I spend researching to learn is well worth it.

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I am like a lot of people, I didn't switch to T-mobile until they started changing the way they did business. I previously had been with Sprint, then At&t. I can't say enough shitty things about either of those companies and what and how they billed. At one point I started getting a "service" charge from At&t that they just refused to explain. Hows them for apples. The thing is, T-mobile has been by far less expensive, and since I'm on an "unlimited everything" plan that costs me less than my limited plan with At&t there are no overages. I never have to worry about extra charges. (actually I think they do have late fees on the bill, but that's it) On top of that I get 2gb/month tethering for no additional charge. Do that on another carrier. No I don't work for T-mobile but this is the first time, I haven't truly "hated" my phone company. What's more you can bet Verizon and At&t were doing the same kinds of things back in the day.

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Seattle proper has little in way of manufacturing or other low wage low skill jobs. Lots of high tech jobs that pay much higher than $15. All the low wage jobs are in service related industry like waiting tables or bar tending. People in Seattle are not going to drive out of Seattle to save a couple bucks on an oil change or a few drinks. I can literally think of nothing that will change. That doesn't mean there won't be affected jobs but I seriously doubt it will even be marginally noticeable.

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Actually it raises our collective buying power as well. As long as the rest of the country stays behind us in wages going to another state will be like going to a third world country. And then the extra money we do have after living expenses goes a lot further. But as I said before no one here cares if a burger costs an extra buck or two. In the end we'll all be better off than people in lower wage areas.

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It won't kill jobs here. Seattle has a lot of high paying tech jobs among other occupations. The average price of a house here is above $400k and rent for a one bedroom apt is about $1200. If it raise the price of a meal a couple of bucks no one is going to notice. I've spoken to a lot of people here and no one is worried about the few extra bucks it may cost for a night out. We'd rather have people making enough money to support themselves.

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I live in Seattle, and I guarantee you this won't effect much at all. People who work at "Starcoffee" as you say already make that much. Fast food places will have to raise their wages, I don't care if a mcyuckburger costs a buck more, but I do care that it has become to expensive for younger people and unskilled laborers to live here. Personally, I don't think a $15 per hour min wage is for everyone. I don't think it would work in areas outside Seattle like the larger part of King county. However Seattle proper can handle the wage increase, and people who pay a little more for services won't complain because compared to the cost of other things around here it really is insignificant.

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Alright, I've been working in the materials industries for years, so I can see there is a lot of strange info here.

  • First off carbon fiber is what you have after you burn everything else off. Yup that's how it's made, and it's not so environmentally friendly
  • Second, carbon is the hardest substance known to man. mixing it in varied amounts with a strong yet flexible binder like epoxy allows a product to have the best of both worlds in varied amounts, as per design.
  • Third, bamboo depends on it's cell structure for stiffness, and while it may be very stiff, it is not nearly as strong as carbon fiber by weight, and cannot be (carbon is as stiff as it gets)
  • Fourth, once the bamboo is soaked in epoxy it is no longer environmentally friendly. It was up till that point but no longer
  • Fifth, bamboo can rot, carbon can't. Which means that products made of bamboo have a life span, after which they will need a home int the dirt somewhere. Not necessarily so for carbon fiber
  • Sixth, Carbon fiber used in a thermal set mold, using a blend of carbon, and nylon woven together instead of saturated with epoxy is one of the most durable products I have ever seen, and because it is a thermoplastic based binder, it could most likely be recycled.

There are many ways to use composites, of every type. In some cases not having to replace the product may be more environmentally sound than making it out of something semi-biodegradable like bamboo and epoxy. I'm just saying, that there are ups and downs to everything. It takes years and much useage to define the criteria, for environmentally sound, with any product. Wasn't to long ago I remember ethonal and biodesel were going to save the planet, and now we realize it's really not much better after all.

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Elon Musk "will partner with several companies besides Panasonic". I seriously doubt that Panasonic and the several other companies involved would want to invest heavily into a factory that produces batteries primarily for Tesla. It's a win/win for anyone involved in this endevour. If they can actually bring raw, newly mined materials into one end and then pump batteries out the other, they can cut out a huge amount of the cost of purchasing and re-working the pre-manufactured components and materials.

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