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Comment: Re:News Agencies Responsible for Murder and Terror (Score 1) 91

by deathguppie (#49763591) Attached to: Death In the Browser Tab

Terrorists are looking for reaction. We can fairly assume that they are going to tune their actions toward public exposure in any case. If reporters did not choose to report on any terrorist actions, they would simply find the next best thing. Perhaps spending more time working terror at the local level or moving toward bigger and more harmful actions in an attempt to gain a response.

While on the one hand you may be exciting evil doers who's actions were taken to prompt this kind of notoriety, you may also be leaving the public blind to potentially dangerous situations they may not otherwise have gotten themselves into. Some may say that IS stopped kidnapping reporters because there has been less publicity about it, but it might also be said that fewer reporters are putting themselves in those situations.

Comment: Re:homeowner fail (Score 1) 536

My wife had an office built out in a building in West Seattle that only offered Comcast as an option. There were plenty of small tech companies in the building so we figured it was a no brainer. It took 8 months of calling them over and over before they even sent anyone out to look at it. It took less than an hour to actually hook up. But that was 8 months of her using her phone to connect to the internet. Not only that but more than one sales person actually lied to her about having sent someone, or not having heard from her. It was indignant and awful.

Comment: Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 257

by deathguppie (#49071493) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

Yes. Tesla is an exotic car maker. They thrill their owners who want nothing less than a very well designed car that is aesthetically satisfying. In the US the $7000 tax incentive can be taken off the bill on purchase. That means the $35,000 Tesla model 3 is actually $28,000, making it less than a BMW S3 before removing the monthly fuel cost.

If you are looking for an "economy" sub compact EV, you will be looking for some time. The energy density of LI batteries simply do not allow for the kind of range most people want in a car that small. You can't fit enough battery in there, even after they get the price of the battery down. Now I know that you are thinking there are plenty of mid sized cars out there that you could purchase for less than $28,000, you'd be right. But they won't be a Tesla.

Comment: Re:I can't imagine the Tesla ever being "affordabl (Score 1) 257

by deathguppie (#49066071) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models

So doing a little math, I may be corrected by someone, but here goes. $35000 - $7000 tax refund = $28000. 72 months at 3.7% (wife just got that, some people get better) is $434 per month, -$75 per month for gas (most people I know spend $100 or more on gas per month, and that's at current rates). That's $359 per month, after gas savings. That doesn't account for oil changes, or other normal servicing for internal combustion engines, so I'm giving it some leeway.

Comment: Re: To Kill An Egotrip (Score 2) 131

That, is actually no small feat. Look around at his major competitors, and tell me which ones you think are cutting edge based on the vision of their CEO. Having the ability to gather great minds, and get them to actually work together is an art in itself. He doesn't need to know everything about each individual field but he does have to understand enough to figure out who is on the ball and who isn't. What ideas he should invest in and when to cut his losses.

There are a lot of executives out there that are just bleeding companies dry, and a lot more who know how to administer, but have almost no clear vision of what their company should be in the future.

Comment: Re:Volt, not Bolt (Score 1) 181

by deathguppie (#48816293) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025

The Chevy Bolt is should be a 200 mile $30,000 electric car. The price estimated was, after the $7500 tax credit. Elon Musk said yesterday, that the model 3's price tag of $35000 is before the $7500 tax credit. Making the model 3 about $2500 cheaper.

Of course this is all speculative at this point. Chevy's car is only a concept car, and as we could see by looking at the volt concept may have nothing to do with the actual production model. The same can be said about the model 3 which we haven't even seen concept drawings of

Comment: Re:Tell me it ain't so, Elon! (Score 1) 181

by deathguppie (#48816187) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025

Me and my wife just picked up a Nissan Leaf this weekend. I can honestly tell you that I felt like I needed a shower after we left the dealer, after listening to him blab on about how I had been so smart about doing all the research before buying the car. He had no clue what research I had done, and didn't really know enough to answer any questions I would have had, if I had not done the research. \

PS. the car is for my Wife, she drives less than 40 miles a day at most, and was tired of dealing with car maintenance and gas. I simply ran distance measurements across all of her hypothetical travels around the city (Seattle) and came up with a number that would be sufficient almost any day, given that the low range number reported was around 40 miles. She's been doing fine, even using the heater, and having no idea how to properly conserve energy. (she's a technophobe)

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